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will i ever be happy with myself

Im sick and tired of being sick and tired and feeling sorry for myself,pushing people out of my life,the way i treat my husband,the mood swings.....

After trying Effexor,Lexapro and Zoloft and they all failed,i dont know what else will help.everyday i get up and dont have the will to live,fight my demons each day and pretend everything is ok.everyone has problems,im not the only one but its so damn hard to live like this

sorry i had to vent
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aw that really is sad.

The key ingredient here is hope, when we are down we are likely to tell ourselves "i will always be like this, nothing can help me" etc. Just know that even though these thoughts feel true, they have no power to see into the future, they are just out to make you feel bad! No one knows what tomorrow has to bring.

Are you currently in therapy? It could be helpful to have someone to talk to and vent, and they might give you some valuable advice and coping strategies.

Good luck!!
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I agree. It's horrible having to struggle with the same issue daily. The stress it causes can really decrease the quality of life. I hope you can find something that works for you. Life shouldn't be so difficult.
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CarlM's post is very good. Those depressing thoughts can feel so true in down times, but they aren't necessarily based in reality.

I've had some acute instances of something like depression back in college (for some reason, I find those times rather embarrassing), but social anxiety kept me from seeing a doctor. I hope you can get some adequate treatment if you continue to see a doc.

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re: will i ever be happy with myself

I am like this, because things don't work out for me like they do for most people. I look around, and most people have easy lives. When they need a job, they get a job, and it works out for them.
When they want to date, they meet someone they like.
For me, it is always about struggling and not having things work out. I am not extremely picky. Things just don't go well for me, and friends of mine have commented on this. Maybe I make bad choices. I try to make good choices, but I don't have a crystal ball.
Maybe it is me, maybe I am not capable of making good choices that will work out well.
In this case, I won't ever be happy. I do not have a good life. I do not like where I have ended up, and contrary to what many say, you cannot control everything.
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re: will i ever be happy with myself


Your post made me really sad, sometimes I feel like this.

I just wanted to offer some miserable company, and ask if you're seeing a therapist?
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re: will i ever be happy with myself

I agree with all the above - if your doc has tried several meds and you are still suffering, then its high time he looked up the number of a good therapist for you. I personally have found therapy more effetive than any med I have tried, or, well ANYTHING i have tried. I'm a CBT man, others like other routes like gestalt, midfulness and (less often) psychodynamic.

Therapy doesnt mean you're nuts or that you are weak or a helpless case - it means you're in pain but have found the strength to ask for help. Therapy can give you things that life, for one reason or another failed to give you or took away from you. Unfortunately there are very few meds that can claim to do this in the long term.

Good luck


On to concentrate on bright things Stuck around in hopes to help, didnt seem like there was much left I could do anymore ... good luck and comfort to those who are on their own path and hope for those yet to take their first step! Much Love
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Don't know if anyone's ever been on anxietynomore.co.uk had severe anxiety and it literally explains everything about it.
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Plus there is a whole forum where people talk about improving themselves and understanding it
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