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why do I always feel like other people don't like me?

at first... they may want to get to know me

I talk to them and after that, it gets awkward. I thought we were getting closer and becoming friends but they don't even say anything and just leave the class. I feel like they are purposely avoiding me
I know that my voice quivers and I'm a coward when it comes to public speaking or speaking when called on.. but does that make me any less of a person?
I'm sorry that I can't be confident and exude a vibe that is comfortable to all.. I just can't do it.

Today in another class, my voice gets all tangled up and I have to continue to clear my throat... I know it's not just shyness, it's social anxiety, no one will understand why I feel that way.. one day I can be somewhat normal, the next day I'm crippled with social anxiety.
A girl turned around from the front of the class and gave me a disgusted look... one of those looks where she's thinking "get the hell over it"
Another person near the front was giggling to his friend

I feel like people are judging me negatively...constantly
my thoughts are screwed up
I know where it went wrong.. it was high school. I think people are able to tell that shy people don't have friends.. which is true. I certainly agree to an extent that nervous, shy people afraid of criticism and wanting the approval of others don't have many friends
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I feel the same way, or went through the same things. I always have this feeling that people dont like me.
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It's difficult to get thoughts such as that out of one's head. How can they dislike you if they don't even know you? That's what we're all constantly being reassured is the case. I know that seeing things in that manner is quite difficult; I feel the exact same way. I feel like a completely obnoxious and asinine dork. Honestly, I don't think that it's far from the truth. I make no attempt whatsoever to truly get to know anyone, because I can't imagine them finding anything slightly redeeming about me. From your post, I gather that you feel similarly. I have no advice to give; I simply wanted to let you know that I understand where you're coming from.
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I go through this everytime I start to get to know someone...whether through school, work, or whatever. I always think that people don't like me. For a long time, I avoided making friends because of this. Then, when I worked with this one girl, again I thought she didn't like me. But, she started asking me to go out after work. She is now one of my best friends. I thought my other best friend also disliked me at first. So, now, I still get these feelings, but I can see that they are irrational. My friend is baffled that I thought she hated me. Weird.

Sometimes I wish I were someone else, but then why not just try to be the person I want to be?

Crazy girl
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Hi mate

I feel exactly the same as you! I go to class a few times a week, usually with the same people and I just can't seem to meet anyone. I try and make conversation with people and although it is probably darn obvious that I'm shy/nervous/anxious or whatever, we all seem to have enough to talk about in regards to the topic being discussed in class.. but then when it's time to leave everyone goes their own way. I guess they all have people they already hang out with.. and then it's just me left by myself. How the hell do you make friends? Even when I go to events held by the University, to meet people or whatever, everyone is already there with someone else!

GRR! I am so fustrated.

Anyone have any suggestions ?

People gather bundles of sticks to build bridges they never cross
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I so relate on this. I just don't think I give out a friendly and approachable vibe. I tend to let out a 'leave me alone' one instead. It is irrational to think strangers dislike you though, unless they're just insecure and just saying things like that because their jerks or something. I honestly always feel ridiculed and chastised, and feel like i need permission or something to move on with my life. I am hopeless at making friends, though. I've almost entirely lost interest right now.
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I feel exactly the same way in my class. It feels so awkward during the few minutes before class starts where everyone is seated and talking to each other, and I'm there fidgeting nervously in my seat trying to act like I'm not phased at all. I would try to talk with some classmates, but pretty soon I would be left out of the conversation in the group, and I would end up leaving quietly. I get the feeling that they're trying to avoid/ignore me as much as possible. I know it's not that my classmates are mean, this happens with everyone I try to talk to. I wish I could film myself, and see how I interact with people so I can pinpoint the mistakes I make during interaction.
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I'm the same, I feel like nobody likes me, I dunno..it just it makes me so sad, thinking that nobody will ever love me, sometimes I feel like killing myself but that would be stupid. wish I can tell my mom, people scare me, I try to talk in class but then they act like they dun know me, and feel like they are talking about me..negatively, Im always sitting alone, I rarely talk and when I do I feel like I'm annoying them..I dunno.
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I feel the same way. Very few people give me a chance to be myself, yet they are totally into loud and obnoxious people regardless of how horrible of a person they are. Humanity is really conditioned and retarded. Let them be
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