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when people hate you for no reason??

i cant stand it when this happens! recently i had a family party and two of my cousins refused to even look at me. i didn't do anything to them. one of them lets call her A, i told about my SA about a month before. and we talked about it and she seemed really supportive. then i see her at this party a month later and she's not talking to me. now im wondering if she's weirded out by the fact that i have social anxiety or something. it really sucks because i used to be so close with all my cousins and now im afraid they're all going to turn on me. and if they do all the family parties are going to be really awkward because ill have no one to talk to and will probably have to hide in my room which makes me look so pathetic. my other cousins already look like they kind of hate me. and my two brothers who i used to be close to aren't talking to me as well. oh and now my paranoia is going berserk because i think my cousin is sending me me messages through her tumblr. like there was this one poem she had about the dirty stinky girl who had a bad attitude. i cant help but think it was directed at me. and she had another quote that said "you think its you against the world but its really you against yourself". sometimes people can be so freaking icky
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Hmmm. It's hard to know what to do in a situation like that, eh? Because you're not sure if they don't like you anymore, or if they're just in a bad mood, or angry with you, etc...

If you're brave enough, go up to them and try to hang out. If they are still being jerks, ask them what you did to make them act that way. They're family.

Gahh, sorry for that crappy advice :/ I had a brain fart. Hopefully they come around.
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