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What keeps you occupied?

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Wake up, browse Internet, eat lunch, play video games, sleep, wake up browse Internet, eat dinner, play video games /watch movies /tv shows/browse Internet late into the night.. Sleep, repeat.

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Nothing. I browse the internet and social media all day everyday. Listen to music and watch an hour or two of tv then sleep. Repeat.
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Work, drawing, vidya games, and the internet. A solemn existence.
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Currently I have two full time jobs so the few extra time I have is spent with my family.

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Currently youtube, minecraft watching tv shows, SAS, internet, lots of sleeping, and visiting my dad

Wish it was more things like art, crafts, outdoor activities, learning programming, building a website, or working on starting a small business. Just don't feel motivated and all I want to do is sleep. The other stuff is fun but I don't feel like I'm accomplishing much.

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music and university
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College, my dog, counseling, cooking, Netflix, books, the internet, driving and exploring for fun when I can work up the confidence and courage.

Starting in a week or two, I'll be adding group counseling and yoga classes through my counseling center to that list, and I'm going to force myself to volunteer somewhere regularly too.
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Work, gym, spending time with my girlfriend, preparing and eating food, internet and sleep pretty well takes up all my time.
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Spending time with my boyfriend, Playing The Sims, eat, sleep, sporadic job interviews
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Play Starcraft, play other games, read SAS, eat, drink coffee so I can get that 17 apm boost, sleep, get hit on or stalked by some hot girl.
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Primarily work (writing fiction) and intellectual puzzles. My current hobby project is trying to construct a better form of psychotherapy.

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Atm, not a great deal. Struggling to find the motivation to do much of anything and there aren't even any decent TV shows I want to binge watch. I browse the internet and SAS, and the odd skype chat with people, but that's about it
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