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Passive-aggressive crazymaking, OCD, and denial

I'm eventually going to start a blog about this to chronicle the situation and vent for the sake of my own sanity.

My father is the most manipulative, underhanded passive aggressive ocd mutant of all time. He makes constant underhanded derogatory comments about me, but denies everything when I call him on it.

Example - he somehow got it into his creepy paranoid head that I'm stealing his prescribed pain pills. Instead of confronting me directly, he started "jokingly" inserting references to it into the conversation in front of me. Before he leaves the house, he'll say "stay out of the pills" to me. When I'm talking like I'm out of it, he says "must be all those pills you're stealing". Etc. And he says it in this smug, sneering "knowing" tone, like he's really calling me out and humiliating me. I'll ask him if the mail came, and he'll say "no, but some stolen pills arrived". He'll be discussing something he and my mother are watching on TV, and as I walk by he'll suddenly insert something about "stolen painkillers" into the conversation in front of me. Like if they're watching something about Brad Pitt on the E network or whatever - he'll say "yeah, and Brad Pitt STEALS PAINKILLERS too", with that same grotesque smug smirk.

I ignored this for years, since I don't feel like I have a right to even exist and I don't like feeling like I'm turning anyone against anyone. But when I calmly try to acknowledge these nonstop comments, his eyes bug out and he starts screeching at me at the top of his lungs - calling me paranoid schizophrenic, saying it was just a joke, etc. WhenI try to talk about it to my mother, she looks worried and makes references to me needing to talk to a doctor. My know-it-all brother says "so you're saying that people are PLOTTING AGAINST YOU? You really DO sound crazy!"

My father micromanages every single aspect of my life. He complains disgustedly from the living room whenever I use the upstairs bathroom, even when he doesn't have to use it. When the upstairs bathroom is occupied and he hears me using the unfinished bathroom in the basement instead (which affects nobody), I'll hear him hissing like a snake from upstairs "you can't wait FIVE MINUTES! You're DESPERATE!" He also makes derogatory comments about me "drinking too much water" from the tap, complains about how the food I microwave smells, etc.

This stuff would be bad enough, but the fact that everyone around me says that I'm imagining it is beyond maddening. It's clear that this guy is a far, FAR gone OCD mutant worthy of a intensive medical case study. He needs to be kept in a holding pen with a team of psychiatrists working on him around the clock.

Has anyone ever dealt with anyone who's this crazy and OCD? My family doesn't have any friends and all the relatives hate us and never visit, so my father's had decades of this behavior going unchallenged. Whenever I try to bring it up with my family, they say I'm paranoid schizophrenic. It's making me start to crack up. I've started to mutter to myself involuntarily and develop eye twitches.

It would be reassuring to at least hear people acknowledge how crazy this is. My family's denial is driving me literally insane. I'm on the edge of a total breakdown.
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