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My sister chose her friends over me

Today, my sister and I were suppose to go to the carnival. I was really excited about today and I told her to please not break the promise. We even pinky promised. Of course her friends are always more important than me so she left without telling me anything and went to hang out with her friends instead. Her friends always have to ruin everything. I got so annoyed about it that I started to cry. I've never had any chances to hang out with my own sister one on one because she's always doing everything with her group of friends. Even celebrating special events with them.
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I'm sorry. That was mean of your sister. She could have at least tell you that she wanted to hang out with her friends.

I hope she apologizes to you.

Don't trust her. Watch out if your sister wants to hang out with you.
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Sorry to hear that

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I would commit suicide if I ever did that to anyone

People will never appreciate things until they are gone I suppose
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sounds like my sister

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That's why i hang by myself.
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this is one reason why even family can't be trusted.

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I'm really sorry to hear that you don't have a very nice sister... Just don't depend on her and avoid expectations.
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That sucks. Is your sister still a teenager? They tend to be immature- it's not that you can't trust her, or that she doesn't love you. She probably doesn't even realize how much she hurt you (the "what's the big deal?" mentality). I think a lot of people tend to take their siblings for granted until they're older- sort of the time they realize how fake and transient the world can be, and see who's been there the whole time. Sounds sappy but I mean it. Your sister will probably look back one day and feel really bad about this.

I hope you could still enjoy the carnival without her
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Wow that's sucks. I know it's hard to trust people like that but it makes sense that you'd try and want to because she's your sister. Who knows, maybe she did it because she's jealous or feels inferior to you. I guess you could do it back to her so she knows what it feels like. When you make a promise you're supposed to keep it, I mean that's why you make it. Hopefully she'll realize what she's done and feel bad about it. I'm sure you know it's not your fault. Anyway, sorry that happened to you.
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That basically my sister right there.
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I give you props for even trying to hang out with yours. Is she younger or older than you? Mines pretty much looks down on me due to my awkwardness and never doing to the things that "typical" older sisters do. I find it hard to confront mines anyway due to her being way more extroverted, highly judgmental of me, and being the type who always has something to say. I'm sorry to know that she backed out on you like that though. She should have known that this was a night dedicated to you and her. There were plenty of other times where she could have hung out with her friends instead of at that exact moment.

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Make her jealous.
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