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My family treats me like a child because I'm short

I'm 19, and I don't remember being treated like an adult once by my parents, and they completely ignore my responsibility. I know I can be a bit too mature for my age, but that's how I've always been. Even though I am 19, I'm only 5'2 at 105 pounds and a ten year old is taller than me. My parents and family members are known to be very tall. My dad is 6'5, very muscular because he's always exercising. Even my younger cousin, who is 18 is 5'7 and my youngest cousin at 16 is 5'5. I always get comments from my parents such as "oh, you shouldn't do that, you're too small." Or they just order me around while they treat my cousins like they're adults, even though they act very immature. I would like to be a little taller, but not super tall like most people in my family are.
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Sorry to hear that. When your parents say you shouldn't do something because you are too small, do you do it anyway? Seems like a logical way to build respect. Just because someone says you shouldn't do something doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.
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I think this says a lot of just how little your parents know you. Of course, I am being very presumptuous.
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I'm kind of short too though not as short as you but I'm extremely thin around 103 lbs and people call me "tiny" sometimes which I find insulting...I do think, especially my dad, that he babies me a lot due to the fact that I don't even look grown and he still feels that I need to be protected from everything in the world like some 10 year old even though I'm about to turn 20 I actually feel like tall people in general look down at me as if I'm a weakling...
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how tall is your mother
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