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Marijuana and anger outbursts, depression, complacency, etc...

so, for about a year now I've been smoking the marijuana on a dailiy basis. In that time frame, I've noticed my social avoidance tendencies seem to be getting worse and I've gotten increasingly more frustrated and angry at things than I used to get 2 or 3 years ago. About a month ago I decided to go off weed for a while to see if things "got better", the first week was pretty awful, nightmares every night, almost always feeling lethargic and depressed, and I was constantly pissy and angry, after that first week things kinda went back to the same complacency mode I had developed back when I was a habitual smoker, I still avoided contact with people and was generally the same miserable, sad little boy I am when I'm not hopped up on THC. I eventually ended up going back to smoking on a daily basis after about 3 weeks of stopping. I guess my question is does anyone else who smokes get similar side effects? I feel like it's become a means of self medication for me, but it's not really helping, more like establishing a sense of complacency rather than accomplishment.

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I dont smoke anything but i think weed,smoking drinking allot increases ones negative side.And i think for you to get back to normal youd need a long time away from it.

So y best of luck,sorry i cant be of much help.
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I get where your coming from when you say that weed is self medicating. I have been dealing with severe depression for the last 8 months or so and I strongly think it is the direct result of heavy marijuana use (along with heavy adderall use as well). My doctor tried a bunch of different ant-depressants with no avail, but in all fairness I never really gave them a chance to work because I was still smoking several times a day. Whenever I feel depressed or stressed out I turn straight to smoking weed because I know that a few hits will make me forget all about my problems. I didn't even know what depression was until about 6 months after I was smoking regularly. As far as the social anxiety goes, I guess it's just much easier for me to get high and be left alone with my own thoughts than to call up some friends and hang out.
My experience with quitting varies greatly compared to yours though. I have tried to quit too many times to count and the first week or so I am full of energy and feel great about myself. I seem to get so much accomplished and even try to socialize a bit more. Then I ultimately break down, (not sure what causes these triggers) and continue my cycle of being alone and "self medicating". I am really tired of wasting away my life with getting high, eating, then falling asleep just so I can feel like **** about myself the next day.
I am right there with you buddy, I know how hard it is to quit smoking pot when you are in a depressed state in your life. But when you go back and really think about it, do you ever think that the reason you have social anxiety or depression is because of the constant marijuana use? I find this to be true in my case. Yet I still go back in forth from quitting to starting back up again.
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I'm the same way whenever I get stressed out or frustrated, I HAVE to burn one if I'm having an "off" day. Marijuana can be a double edged sword for alotta people, for some, it cures depression, for others; it causes depression. I have a feeling if you have a genetic pre-disposition to depression, then habitual cannabis use can trigger it. I think my depression started around the same time I took up chronic (no pun intended) pot smoking so it's kinda hard to tell if it's a coping mechanism or the direct cause of my depression and anxiety. Either way, quitting dope is still easier than quitting just about any other drug regardless of legal status.

"If you get caught by the gorillas, you must remember one thing."
"what's that?"
"never to speak."
"...what the hell would I want to say to a gorilla anyway?"
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from my view drinking and smoking have no affect on my anxiety.. im not a habitual smoker or drinker though.. usually ill smoke and drink just once every weekend however i havent in a couple weeks.
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I totally agree! I have been smoking for about 10 years. When I met my ex wife at 18, she smoked and eventually it was an acquired taste for me since I really didn't like it initially. Since I started smoking 10 years ago, I've taken one real break from smoking. I've slowed it down by only smoking at night, and that has seemed to help but because I'm still smoking, the negative effects don't seem to go away. I find myself avoiding people, being irritable and blowing up at anyone or anything that sets me off.

It has been so long since I started smoking, I barely remember how much patience I actually had. I have ruined multiple relationships because of this negativity that seems to plague me. I find that the negativity only comes out when I'm not smoking, which is understandable. Smoking is one of my favorite past times and I would love not to have to give it up entirely, but I just can't seem to regulate my use with it.

I hardly get out of the house and see friends, damn I don't even have but one real friends and I've even been neglecting him when he asks to hang out. I am so confused right now because of a recent break up that I initiated. I hadn't really been smoking much over the last week and it is definitely taking a toll on my emotional stability. I've turned into a depressed desperate wreck who thinks he wants his ex back. We had our problems but I can't help but blame myself for ending her feelings way early on which led to our issues. Just like my ex wife!

Anyway, today I was just googlin' around trying to find information on anger management, which I know I have a problem with. I've also found a lot of information associated with detoxing, which like anything, makes you irritable and angry. I did have a slight problem with being angry when I was a kid, but it wasn't too excessive. That's what makes this so complicated for me. I really do think the withdrawal from Mary Jane has caused a lot of my anger problems, but it seems like they might be deep seeded considering my dad was such an angry person. I'm a mirror image of him. I don't blade him entirely because I control who I am and what I do, but I have read a lot about that sort of childhood leading to an angry adulthood.

My plan is to look into getting counseling and basically quitting until I can get grounded back to who I use to be or who I actually am now. Right now seems so like not the best time to quit considering my 4 year relationship with someone who's 6 kids I cared for, just ended as of last weekend. If I ever am capable of smoking in moderation, I'd definitely like to smoke every now and then once I've discovered myself.

What do you think? I know it sounds like I have a lot of problems, which I do.... but who doesn't?
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Weed helps me a lot ! I personally disagree with it causing negative thoughts because for me personally my negative thoughts stem from other problems I was refusing to face now I'm starting to re-think my lifestyle and I feel better I'm not going to quit smoking weed just yet it brings me great joy and calm

What I plan on doing is going out side more being more socail and more importantly try and get laid it's NOT the weed that's made me lazy,deprerssed,angry it's my pathetic attitude which I'm trying to fix. I was the same jerk before I started smoking weed that I am now trust me I had to live with myself lol weed makes my negativity more enjoyable I guess.

Anyway I've seen the light and my goal is to get laid by the end of the year..... Seriosuly that's my sole focus lol what an awesome life I live can't wait for the summer I'll probably get *****ed slapped and my *** kicked but it'll be fun
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Post Working with people....

In my work, many parents report that their teen/young adult kids smoke weed, saying it helps them relax. However we also hear frequent reports of aggressive behavior and previously uncharacteristically violent responses to issues in marijuana smokers (even when the parents are accepting of their weed use). Many of these youth are drug screened for other substances including synthetics. Colleagues and I have been reading on this and have found that there are links to these behaviors and weed use. This may not be the case for every weed user, but others may not respond that well to it.
This is just something for each individual to consider for themselves.

An example:

Peace to all.
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I have a theory for this, because i've been where you all are. Been off weed for about 5 and a half years, life is better without it. I still feel depressed now and then and i have SA but weed didn't help and possibly made things much worse for me. My theory is that once you smoke weed you are translated in a fictional world where things seem great (you never felt like that great before) so when you come down from it you start to realize how much your "real" life sucks because you got a taste of that "fictional" world of peace and tranquility. The real world looks pretty misberal by contrast once you get a taste of what life is like on weed. Because for some this world is a terrible place full of fears and stress; weed takes you out of it. My experince was different with weed, at first things were good i felt laid back and chill and didnt worry about my inhibations. But after time went on it seemed that weed made me less social, angry and moody. I stopped due to anxiety attacks and then i became bitter, cynical and depressed. Though, i can't blame this on weed, because idk if things would have been any different if i didn't smoke. Weed is certainly an easy scapegoat for a lot of problems that may have already been there or happened without it.
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Never tried weed, however I drink whenever I get the chance, which is usually on the weekends. I don't have a dependency (yet), but it dampens the normal feelings I usually have. Stopping probably makes you feel ****ty because you're used to constantly having the negative emotions repressed, so it feels like you're suffering side effects when you stop.
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I've been vaporizing weed for about 1-2 years just about every night. I tried stopping one time and noticed that I started having very vivid and horrifying nightmares after the 2nd day of stopping even though I love nightmares but these nightmares were something else. I also started to get very anxious and depressed when I tried to stop almost as if the anxiety and depression were reappearing. I then decided to keep self-medicating since I didn't want to go back to feeling like an anxious mess again. I don't blame weed on anything since I developed sa way before I started to smoke weed. I find that marijuana helps me tremendously with my sa and depression. I am more social/happy/confident and prefer to stay that way.

Marijuana withdrawals do exist and I think the first couple of days/weeks are the hardest since you want to continue smoking just to avoid the negative side effects that come with stopping. If you google marijuana withdrawals you will see a lot of forums/blogs/info about people experiencing withdrawals from weed.

Good luck
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Ah, yes..that sweet maryjane. Honestly, I can definatly relate. As much as i love to indulge, it does have a down side. But for me its mostly paranoia lol. I hate leaving the house after I makes my social anxiety hell times a million. I feel even more nervous and way to stone to socialize so...yea. Also, I felt the same way when i tried to quit and I would cry so much over the stupidest things. It was madness.

"I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched"-Edgar Allan Poe
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I smoked everyday for about five years. When I quit about about three years ago my social anxiety and depression lessened a good deal (my depression is completely gone now, but that hasn't been until recently). I don't contribute those things entirely to quitting at all, but pot did hamper me a lot in addressing those things. Whenever I was high I didn't care as much about my problems, which was tempting to view as a positive thing. But of course that only caused those problems to grow, so that creates a cycle.

When I quit I experienced zero withdrawal symptoms (as most people I think) other than wanting to smoke. Withdrawal symptoms I've heard people describe are mainly emotional/psychological and mild. That makes sense since pot stays in your system for such a long time and leaves your system so gradually. So if you think quitting will help you may want to try longer than three weeks, like say maybe six months (of course I would recommend quitting for good personally). Quitting alone isn't going to solve the problems you described, but it will help, I believe, if you give it more time and if you become more active in working out your issues while you're not smoking anymore.
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My ex husband has started to smoke heavily few years ago and I can definitely say that he became more and more violent over the years. He is unable to keep any kind of healthy relationship with anyone in his life and his work success and finance is also affected by that. I am happy that he is out of our lives... Hope he can fix himself oneday...
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I didn't get a Golden ticket.. So I smoke.

Ill get to it. I've smoked everyday for over 7 years. Started out a couple bowls a day. Now around 3 or more joints a day. I did take 3 months off this year. With little effort. It was only hard to quit for the first few days. And yea those few days I would avoid people because of irritability to say the least. Then emotions flood back in and stress is higher during the first week of quitting. Plus its just habit, I like smoking.
It will have you living in your mind. People could use a little help 'thinking if you ask me, it wouldn't hurt to look inward while smoking. But 7 years went by fast. Can I remember, a little bit.
It effects your life.I did smoke to take the edge off, couple puffs when angry. Became a crutch though Im sure. May have made it harder to control my anger. But only because it will slack your discipline. Its easy to light a joint. Its hard to "think your happy thought" So its just a matter of discipline. Get back in control and smoke less.
Its harder to get out of bed now. When smoking everyday you prob wont try as hard to do other things. When your more at peace, worldly things don't matter as much, you can actually see your problems in a new light if you want. Or get a whole different perspective while looking back on a situation. Maybe insight.
Marijuana is a good tool. Unlock parts of your body, mind, and spirit. I've learned many great things while smoking. Life changing things, I do seek those things. They are beneficial and will be remembered long after I quit smoking. If I quit.

It depends on your lifestyle. If your a family man or in an alright mood most of the time, or in a good relationship then why smoke. Unless you smoke to meditate. But without your discipline, it may creep over into the other parts of your life.
(first smoke of the day is like a 'reset' for your mind.) When you wake up in the morning your mind is mostly reset so why smoke first thing in the morning, unless your life is pretty bad.
I will say it depends on what YOU do with it. For meditating and creating, marijuana takes away some friction making it easier to set the mind right.
Few times a month wont hurt. But a few times a week will cause problems in your mood. And your mood effects everything you interact with.

*a good tip for a smoker, maybe don't smoke until the end of the day. When all work is done, then its relax time.
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