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Just like being present and not actually socializing.

Are any of you perfectly content with just being present in a social situation but not actually socializing?

Prefect example... I love school, I'm a people watcher also and find being in a room with 30 people interesting. I love being in peoples company, but when im expected to participate all that goes to hell in a hand basket. Anyone relate?
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Yea, I enjoy being in the company of others, but I hate having to talk
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I feel exactly the same way. Even when I was invited to a party in High School I enjoyed just sitting by the fire watching the other people act crazy. I just like feeling included.
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It rarely happens, but occasionally I will get those times where I am around a group of people and I'm just satisfied with not talking but taking everything in, even though I have the opportunity to talk. Sort of my way of behaving myself for once, haha.
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If you like being with people then you would also like socializing, if you were good at it. So try getting good at it.
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Yeah! but I feel intensely bad for not being able to add to the conversation,but I love being around people more than anything.
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Yep! same way you don't want to be left out but u also don't want to chat much or at all. Even with SA being alone by yourself sucks, I would rather be out doing something even if I'm with family, it gets my mind off of being alone and I feel "normal"
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Yeah I can be like that sometimes it depends on my mood.
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It depends. Sometimes I just want to be away from all humans and just be by myself. But I also love to look at people and listen to their stories, but hate having to react to them, so I simply wish I could be invisible, sitting among them and not have to do anything - just sit, listen, watch - that would be nice.
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I love big cities because there's so much to see in terms of the people around you. I'd love to socialize too, but for some reason nobody socializes with me.
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Definitely know that feeling. Theres a comfort in having other people around - especially when one of my SA-induced worries is about not having friends - but being introverted, I don't always feel I have the energy to really engage with them. Problem is, when you're quiet in a group it can make you conspicuous... everyone asks, what's wrong?
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