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I want to disappear off this face of the earth

I really want to move far away where I don't know anyone and no one knows my name and live alone. I'm a little pissed off for letting myself get this way... I encounter more and problems problems because I've secluded myself for so long. So I try... try to fix my problems but everytime I do that, more problems appear. That's why I'm really wanting to just give up and saying **** it to everything and everyone.
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I'll join you.

Ignorance is bliss.
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re: I want to disappear off this face of the earth

I know exactly how you feel.
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re: I want to disappear off this face of the earth

We've all desperately wanted to run away from these issues at one time or another, and many of us (myself included) have tried that very thing. The bad news is that SA is a traveling companion, so wherever you end up, it will be right there too. I think the best bet is to try and face it head on wherever you are... at least until you can finally afford that solitary Caribbean island. In trying to improve, I think it sometimes appears to worsen, but from a wider lens, perhaps you're actually making more significant strides than you think.

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I agree with Farren. Just because you're having difficulties right now and everything seems messed up doesn't mean you're not moving forward or improving. Sometimes it's difficult to see how much you're moving because you're up close--you're living it. But to an outsider, it may be different altogether. It's like when you're driving a car--your senses don't perceive the car itself as moving because you're inside it. But to someone on the side of the road, you're moving by quite fast.

I know where you're coming from. But although you're feeling horrible right now, feeling bad does not equate to moving backwards. It can sometimes actually move us forward in a way we never would have thought possible. But I sure hope it gets better soon.
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I did disappear when I was 21. I had recently come to the realization that I was gay. A lot of anguish and heartache! I was working in a dead end job, 2000 miles from anyone I knew. Depression and thoughts of opting out of life. I knew that something had to change. One morning I got up very early, Left a note and everything that had my name on it, and walked out the door. I hitch-hiked across MT, ID, WA, OR and down into CA. It's not something I would reccomend.

You can read the whole story here



It is ironic, how often one comes across an atheist with a "holier than thou" attitude.
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