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I think I'm going to lose my job

Ok, to make the story short, I've been working at Kroger in a deli position for three weeks. I had some anxiety when I first started the job, and even some panic attacks, but I managed to work through them. However, I'm still very shy on the job, and a lot of customers have said that they have trouble hearing me (because of my low speaking voice.) However, I thought I was doing a good job; I learned how to do all the things that were required for the position.

Anyway, a coworker approached me earlier today at work, took me aside, and told me that he overheard a couple managers discussing my performance at work. According to him, they said that some customers have complained about me being quiet and having trouble hearing me, and they're thinking about letting me go.

I honestly don't know what to do here. I feel kind of helpless about it, because I am a shy and quiet person (I've always been shy and quiet), and it feels like they want me to go against my natural personality. I can't suddenly become outgoing and save my job, but if I continue the way I have, there's a guarentee that I'll lose my job. It's just really frustrating, and I honestly don't know what to do.

Anyway, I just needed to vent.
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Re: I think I'm going to lose my job

That seems like a silly reason to fire someone. If I were you, I'd just let it go. The person who told you that might not have known what he was talking about. If you feel uncomfortable and worried about it, I would go talk to your boss about your SA and whether it causes problems with your job performance. I'm sure they would be understanding if they understood what limitations you're working from. If you're a good employee, they won't want to lose you for such a little problem.

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Re: I think I'm going to lose my job

I am quiet and shy. I like being quiet and shy, and I don't care what others think. I would much rather be quiet, than someone who runs their mouth all the time, and is loud and obnoxious. At jobs, I try to keep to myself as much as possible. I am just not a people person, and I admit it. People always have the misconception that I am stuck up. Well, you can't help what people think. It seems like whenever I have tried to talk, my voice hasn't been that loud, but I like my voice. I agree that NO, you can't change who you are overnight, and why should you? Be yourself. I have been told from time to time that I am "too nice". I think thats bull****, and I always tell the other person, "There is no such thing as being too nice". Then, they have nothing else to say. How can you be too nice? My mother raised me with good morals, and to be nice, and damn if I am going to apologize for that. If other people want to make light of it, be my guest. I am proud of it.
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