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I'm too impatient for patience

I am so bad at making friends with girls it's unbelievable. I guess I have my reasons but it's taxing. I feel like I should not feel this way but I do. I just called this girl from work and we were talking about sledding because the snow is freaking nuts here and I was like, "yeah, we should go sledding sometime then", but she didn't reply she just left that remark silent. I've noticed that about her and I hate it so much because it says nothing that she wants to with me or not. She won't answer me directly and it's frusterating. I want her to say something like, "Yeah, that's be fun! We should!" or "Yeah, maybe we could do it..." but she never does and just leaves it blank and has me wondering if she wants to or not. Man, I hate that.

My dad says I'm pretty bad when I have something on my mind. He says I can't seem to relax and I'm impatient. I can somewhat agree with him as I noticed it in myself so many times before he even mentioned it. It drives me crazy. I am bad with waiting and wondering. I get so serious and I don't want to feel that way. With girls I'm impatient and emotional and it's draining. I don't want to put msyelf down about it though and think I'm a strange person for being serious at times because stuff on my mind bugs me and I can't help how I feel sometimes! I've realized ways on how to manage this type of anxiety and that's to find out first hand. So I call this girl and she dosen't give me a direct answer and that's super frusterating. There is this other girl I'm waiting to call to see if she'd like to come over and watch a movie or something tonight. It's not my goal to get in her pants and she knows me fairly well so it may happen but I'm not trying to put my hopes too high here.

It's kind of pethedic but I can't help feeling impatient about hanging out and getting to know girls. For me, it seems hard to even hang out with girls sometimes let alone trying to become a friend or girlfriend because they always seem busy or they just put it off. I have an understanding as to why they do that but I'm getting impatient and frusterated with the lack of feedback or effort here. LOL, thank goodness for this thread! yay! Biding my time to see if a girl wants to hang out is both exciting and super frusterating, especially when it's all in vain. yeah buddy
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