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I hate my birthday

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and I know it is going to suck because I don't have enough friends to do anything with and it is really embarrassing because I have a roommate and she probably thinks I'm really weird because I never have friends over. Hopefully, I can out out to the bars with my brother and his friends because he is older, otherwise I can't do anything.
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My birthdays never really amount to anything either. Anyways, Happy Birthday !!

"It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." -- Whitney Young Jr.
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Really, if you have a bunch of people taking you out on your 21st, it will probably end badly anyway lol. I think the "free stuff" aspect would be nice, but the fact that you're supposed to actually consume all the free stuff you get...wouldn't be. Having a laid-back night with people you know, not worrying about being busted...is probably more fun anyway.
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Go out to a bar. Alcohol sometimes helps with anxiety but just dont get so wasted that you can barely walk.

Happy birthday!
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Ask if your roommate wants to do something. The more she hangs out with you, the less assumptions she'll make, and she will see that you aren't a weirdo.

Happy B-Day as well!
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Yeah anyway, happy birthday!
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Happy birthday. My opinion is this: society makes us feel that our birthdays are supposed to be this amazing, magnificent, rockin' day and when we don't have a magical birthday, we feel like ****. But I'm guessing you have plenty of other great days and they aren't your birthday. So screw all of that and accept that some birthdays suck and some don't. Just like some days suck and some don't.

Just do what makes YOU happy (every day) and be content with that.

Yes I think I may have lost my ramen noodles.

But if the world could've remained, within a frame. Like a painting on a wall. Well then I think we'd see the beauty. Stand staring in awe. At our still lives posed. -Bright Eyes
"It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring." Carl Sagan
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Yeah birthdays can definitely suck for people with SA but hey at least your are doing something right? You shouldn't worry about what your roommate thinks. That's one thing I have to overcome too is worrying about or thinking about what other people think about me. Anyway Happy Birthday! Just enjoy it do what's comfortable to you.
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Its dawn here
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Birhtday doesnot mean u celebrate with people..it rather is how much happy u r alone inside uuu..My b'day has something special..I always wish myself first and then thank god for this life..My some friends do wish me..give gifts..but wat actually matters to me is my own happiness..I m happy from inside...i know i m late..but anyways..Haaapppppyyyyyyyyyyy b'''dayyyyyyyy
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All of my birthdays have been with family members, wish I had invited some friends when I was younger, to late now. my b-day is in December once again and no one to invite except family members. But I don't really care nowadays.
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I hate my birthday too, I never really do much. It' just a reminder that another year has past and I still have no friends and no girlfriend.

"It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart." -Anne Frank
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RE: Birthday's

Trust me My birthday just sucked even more. Every year I feel like my birthday keeps getting worse and worse. I don't even want to celebrate it anymore. I know it sounds bad to be mad about what your presents are, but my mom really did piss me off. I told her exactly what to get me and she tells me she is going to get and ends up getting me a gift card for some other place. On top of that I get yelled at by my dad for my "Manners". I am sick of my birthday I hate it so much. even my best friend forgot my birthday and she doesn't even know! I am feeling so hurt and I have no one.
-Social Butterfly123
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Hey I had a similar birthday reaction to yours

I reacted to my birthday exactly the same this year.
I turned 19 last week and I got seriously stressed out and anxious because I didn't want to celebrate my birthday. There are 3 main reasons why I hate my birthdays now:
1) I hate the attention
2) I don't want to grow up. I mean I turned 18 last year (I'm now aloud to do anything, including drinking in Europe. What's the point of growing up past that?!)
3) I am not confident enough to throw a birthday celebration for myself, especially knowing that I don't have enough friends to make it as "grandiose" as other people's.
In addition to all that, my brother was in town. I have a severe inferiority complex over him, over anything that is related to social relations. My brother has it much easier than I do to make friends, be social and even go to social gatherings (as I sometimes invent excuses to not go see some people because I much prefer being left alone).

At the end my birthday went surprisingly well. I went to celebrate with 3 friends of mine and my brother. I still felt inferior to him though, as he would have invited much more people.

So, I just have a question to all of you. What is wrong with me? Am I that strange that I prefer to be alone rather than with others at not-so-fun social conventions? Is it bad that I don't like my birthday?
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My birthday = just another day*sigh*

"I think its cool to learn to be alone but no man can be an island. In time everyone wants to belong somewhere."
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