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People talk about extroverts on here like they're a different species or like they're mostly bad apart from the "kind ones", yet they complain about the rest of them being "obnoxious". If only they could hear themselves, they'd realise how obnoxious that sounds.

EDIT: and if only they actually knew the definition of intro/extroversion too LOL
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There are certain types of people I hate. I don't know how to say it, but I just hate the loud annoying people/giggling gossiping girls.
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Originally Posted by Duke of Prunes View Post
Most people on here don't even know what extro/introversion actually mean. They have nothing to do with being loud and obnoxious or quiet and boring, it's more about whether you focus on the external or internal. Manifestations of this (like extroverts needing the stimulation of busy external stimuli and introverts needing more relaxation and introspection) lead to the negative stereotypes that extroverts are loud and introverts are quiet.

There are many people here that are clearly extroverted that don't even realise it because they assume that they must be loud and sociable to be extroverted. Personally I am loud and sociable, and I'm just held back by SA, but you can be extroverted without being that way.
well said.
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I only hate extroverts that are *******s, I'm extroverted myself, well kind of and I'm a nice person so don't hate =].
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I don't know if these are "extroverts", but I dislike certain people who post to interrupt a thread and pick on ideas of introverts and SA people, taking potshots at particular SA people they want to target in a roundabout way calling them "entitled" or "childish". What does that make them, superior than thou? No it makes them radioactive suits filled with flatulent air.
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