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I a

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with diamonds.
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I'd say better- if you look at it as a learning experience to become a stronger person
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Well, before you get a job you have to apply for it. I would suggest at least getting the application and sending it in. Then, if you actually get the job you can decide if you want to take it or not.

Jobs are hard to find, so if you have opportunities I suggest you take them. You might find that cashiering is simpler than other social interactions because there's a template for it. You just say "Hi" and then you ring the stuff through, and then you say "your total will be ____." If you want you can make small talk about how much you like all the stuff they're buying, but there's no obligation to do that.

If you need a job, I would suggest applying to these places. I would also suggest looking around at other places where you would prefer to work, and applying to those too. Even if they don't say help wanted, you can always go in and ask if they're hiring, and give them your resume. That way you keep your options open and are more likely to get hired somewhere.

What kind of cashiering job are you thinking about anyway? Some will be more difficult than others, depending on if their is a high influx of customers, and whether your job consists of just ringing everything through, or if there are special things you have to do to complete purchases.
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Yup apply first and see if they call you in for an interview. There also might be other positions available in that store.

I personally didn't like working as a cashier, but didn't mind as much working as a sales person/assistant.

If you prefer to avoid people, you can always work in the warehouse of a store.
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@cellophanegirl, It's a cashier job at Home Depot . What do you think that'll be like?
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Trying never hurts. Just try and if you are unable to do it, then just don't.
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I know how stressful job hunting can be so the fact that youíre considering this job is really awesome. I can definitely relate to you, cashier jobs intimidate me as well and the constant interaction with people would be very stressful for me. Even simply applying for the job is a positive step! Jobs can be hard to get so apply at as many places as you can! I applied to 15 places before I got any calls. I think getting this job could help you get better because itís like a form of exposure therapy. You would be forced to interact with people on a daily basis so eventually you would probably become more confident around them. However there are plenty of positions in stores other than cashier jobs, so you donít need to feel any pressure to get this type of job. I hope everything works out for you! Good luck
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I actually found working as a cashier to be one of the most interesting jobs that I've held. Granted it was also the most boring job but, it pays the bills. Just think of it as a social experiment and see all the different people that come through the store. You get nice ones and of course all the jack *** customers. Once in a while make small talk you never know what kind of person you'll meet.
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I did cashering when I was younger and it's not too bad. After awhile you get use to it and it's not all that hard even for someone who is extremely shy and quiet like myself. Good luck.
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I have to feed my dog
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do it
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I felt the same way 6 months ago when I first started
My cashier job. Ii was terrified.'ve never had experience with it..
And I hardly ever talk and people say they can't hear me when I do.
But its okay. Don't be intimidated.
Once you get the hang of it you'll see its not that bad.
or scary even. You can do it :3 just try for it and see how it goes.

ďHe who is unable to live in society,
or who has no need because he is sufficient
for himself, must either be a beast or a god.Ē
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Hmmm, Home Depot could be tough, just because people make big purchases there, and there might be some complications with that. On the other hand, big purchases and heavy items usually mean a slower checkout line, so it probably wouldn't be as fast paced as say, working cashier at a grocery store. I also feel like home depot is a place where you don't have to be as friendly and upbeat to customers as you do in retail or some other jobs.

I'd say go for it. If you manage to get an interview you can ask your interviewer about what the job entails. You're supposed to ask questions in an interview anyway, it shows you have interest in the job. Even if you take the job and hate it, you can always quit. At the very least, going through the application and interview will help you prepare for applying to jobs in the future, even if you don't get the job/decide not to take it.
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i am hesitant of any retail/selling cashier jobs too. Also because i suck at adding stuff in my head especially under pressure while feeling anxious. I don't know how a cash register works, do you have to add/subtract or does it just tell you the change after you type in what they gave you. I imagine The customer buying something for $43.62 and handing me $60 i would be like oh **** thats 12... 13.... no 15 16.30, 16.38, it may take me a minute i may have to look at my fingers then if they said no it's not i would be like 'ahhh sh*t ahhh sh*t ahh sh*t' ummm um um *****' 16.....
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I only avoid cashier jobs if I have to do returns/exchanges. Some customers are ****ing crazy.
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