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Default How do you feel around your boss?

I don't know why but my boss makes me nervous, not because he tries to or he treats me bad, actually he is really nice and encouraging to me. I know it's my sa. I just feel like he thinks I am weird because i am really withdrawn and quiet. I hate too when he is watching me and i do something stupid like misunderstand what he is saying or type something wrong. I feel like he thinks I am stupid just because I cant be at ease around him most the time. I noticed I do better when he comes to me than when I have to go to his office and tell him something. For example today he was taking the company vehicle that me an him share. I had a PC in the vehicle cause I had just gotten back from another branch and needed to get it out, which was fine but I feel he can tell I am nervous when I talk to him and it makes it worse. We head out the door and he asks me what PC I had and like a idiot I stumble over my words and get clumby just opening the car door. He never makes me feel bad but I know he can tell I am nervous. I hate this. Im glad he is a nice guy. I hate feeling bad because I feel I am not socially normal. Do you guys experience anything like this with your boss?
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My boss turns out to have the type of personality I feel okay to be around - thank god for that because he was the one interviewing me for the job. But I would not see him all that often either as he is either not there or in his office only see him if called to office or pass in the hall way.

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i love him for basically saving my life (by giving me a job) but i am very nervous around him and always want to impress him.
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