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Floating through life without goals or aspirations

My life is empty and purposeless. I have no social life, no career, and no direction. All I do is take classes at the community college (I've already earned two college degrees) because it keeps my parents off my back about getting a job and it takes up time in my empty life.

If it wasn't for my parents keeping me afloat, I would be living in a dumpster and I fear that's where I'll end up when my parents get sick of taking care of me. I have no desire to get a job. I lack the social skills to make it in the career rat race (I've tried). I don't want to be a drone taking orders from people who are stupider than me. I'd rather die in a dumpster with my dignity.
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Getting a job is not a bad idea. It'll get your parents of your back permanently and give you more independence and confidence.
And about that ratrace thing. Currently at our civilization there is no other choice. I mean at start there is none. You have to go through BS, you have to conform alittle (while maintaining your own principles). There are quite a few examples in music industry. Like Trent Reznor for example. Started at 1989 with a first successfull album. The record company to which he was signed to started pushing him for the next album. He got sick of it right then. In 2005, after his contract with record company was over, he went independent. He had to wait like 15 years before he could do his thing.
So the point of this example might be this: You need to work yourself to your ideal vision. Rarely anything starts off good. You have to endure it. Your consolation is your goal.
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I have no desire to work either. In fact I dread it.

You could always volunteer for something. If your parents are supporting you to go to college and you hate it they might as well support you to do something you like. See if they'll help you go traveling or something that would help you figure out what you want to do.
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ah, yes - but how many of us are floating through life WITH goals and aspirations - but are too afraid of pursuing them? Really? Eh?
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Originally Posted by drealm View Post
You could always volunteer for something.
That has all the same problems as a job except you don't get paid. No thanks.
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