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Default feel more friendly with strangers

Does anyone else feel more friendly/open/relaxed around strangers than acquaintances? I think my true "extrovert" self comes out more easily with people I just met as opposed to people I already know...you would think I would be more afraid of strangers judging me rather than people who know me, but it's the opposite, funnily enough. I think it's because the people who already know who I am have always known me as quiet, and I feel like I might get judged if I don't keep playing my "quiet" role.

I think in certain circumstances I'm afraid of strangers judging me, and in other situations I'm afraid of people who I know judging me. For the most part, though, I feel more comfortable around some stranger I meet at a party or bump in to passing by. I think it also depends on the setting. In school I'm usually more nervous around new people, but anywhere else I feel fine. I think it's because strangers don't know me, so I can fulfill my "extrovert" role with comfort.
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I get exactly the same there is something different about speaking and interacting with strangers I feel more free open honest.I don't really know why if I analyse it maybe I will.
There are a lot of things about SA that don't make sense.I think this is half the problem with it one is stuck in a confused state if we could unravel its mysteries then maybe we could find a cure for it?
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Strangers can be okay. I like a nice, clean slate. When they don't know me, I don't know them and I have a lot more control over how my first impression comes off. You know? One stranger is okay, but any more and I start getting very anxious.
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