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Don't like the people in my anxiety group 'therapy'

My therapy has recently started, I asked if it was only for people with SA or comorbid with other anxiety disorders.
But she said I was the only one with SA and the other have panic attacks , GAD, OCD or phobia's like they think they will vomit in public.

But all these people are very social and im not...
Im ignored in the group and to anxious to speak out.
I think SA comorbid with GAD or other anxiety disorders is the worse anxiety disorder you can have.
People like in my group have beside there OCD or panic attacks pretty normal lifes , friends , work , school etc. while I not.

These people are asking me constantly If I don't feel I failure for not going to school or work and if I didn't was depressed.... no kidding -_-

One girl told the other guy while thinking I didn't hearded , she said something like this: Wo that guys life really sucks, its a miracle he didn't commited suicide already....xD

Latetly im starting to have indeed more suicidal thoughts, I will never change end I will and up like a lonely old anxious guy with and only 2 family members will show up at my funeral ,and see How sad life I lived.
Im still 20 years old, and I will never let this happen or else there is no other option then to end it my self.
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This is exactly why I don't want to go to a "general" group therapy session. It has to be for SA.

I remember when I was 15 and hospitalized for depression; it was a group environment as well, and several of the kids constantly made fun of me. I didn't understand the point of placing me (w/ depression and SA) along with kids w/anger problems, drug problems, sex addictions. It didn't make sense!!! Then to make it worse, one of the doctors was hassling me b/c I wasn't interacting with the group. Gee really?!

Anyway, I'm sorry your group sucks. I say split ASAP and find another one that is more supportive. And btw, you are only 20!!! I would love to be 20 again! If I had known about SA back then, I would've surely sought more aggressive treatment so I would be somewhat happier today.
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@ bunnie

It might be pretty deflating to think about how much time you've wasted and feel like you've wasted your 20's, but if you think about it your still pretty young. You can't get your 20s back but maybe when you're 40 you can look back and say at least I made the changes in time to enjoy my 30s!


Definitely quit the group and find one specifically for SA if you can. You're doing better than me and should at least feel proud that you've summed up the courage and made the decision to be going to group therapy.
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