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Do you just feel like there's no hope?

my life is just wasting away, the social anxiety has completly ruined my life and I think potentional for a good future, and thinking about it just makes me feel the most overwhelming feeling of desperation & hopelessness. Seeing everyone Around me doing so much with thier lives, always going out and about with thier friends and just getting great experiences and making the most of thier youth makes me feel like the biggest loser on earth and like anyone who knows me should be embarrassed to even talk to me.
as a kid what I loved doing was acting,singing,dancing, drawing&writing. But at college I was doing something irrelevant to any of that (and I regret it) and now think its too late to try and pursue the only things I really enjoy doing
I'm too embarrassed to even write all thats wrong with my life right now
But i'm so glad I found this forum and saw there's other people in the position who have to put up with the evil SA everyday!
I think one of the things I want more than anything right now is some loyal friends who like my personality, there's a few who do but I hardly meet up with them now, and I just want to live a full happy life like I should be at my age, I know this is long but I was reflecting on myself and my lack of achievements & positives in life and felt sooo bad I had to just write it down
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Ya i feel hopeless right now, and its a dangerous place to be for me
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ive been hopeless,helpless, an enemy of myself for the past three years. welcome to the club
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I feel the same way.. ive even lost all my friends :/ my SA and depression ruined everything... I feel hopeless and it makes my bf sad because all he wants is for me to be happy, get better, do something for myself but I feel stuck in place. I have had this for so long that it feels like its not just part of me but me..its hard to change. My senior year I ruined any chance I had to going to collage, my fear set me back made me loss my chance and I hate that my SA did this to me.
All i can do is try to make it better but it still feels hopeless..

"If you were happy everyday of your life you wouldn't be human, you would be a game show host"
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Day-to-day I feel like tomorrow's gonna be better, next week is gonna be better, but deep down I know that unless I get help my issues are not going to magically disappear, I'm not going to be able to make friends or be socially normal any time soon.

I don't like to use words such as hopeless, or helpless though. I still try to maintain a sliver of optimism. It's flaky, but it's the only thing you can do.
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You're lucky to have found this forum, it's been somewhat of a safehaven of mine since January. Although it sounds bad, it's comforting to know that there are people of all different ages all over the globe experiencing the same kind of depression, misery and loneliness that I've become accustomed to over the past few years. I've lost all my real friends due to my drug/alcohol abuse and my various mental health problems so I know to some extent what you're going through. Hope everything works out.
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I am in the same boat man. I just registered a minute ago just to say it. My social anxieties are crippling me now worse than ever before, and very little is right in my life.
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im not boasting or anything.! i feel like i have GREAT potential to do a lot of stuff. im very nice, funny, respectful. but the ONLY thing holding me back is me being ugly. ive compared the treatment i get to the treatment someone PRETTY gets.

my life and WORLD is on a whooooole different path.! when ive applied to jobs at victoria secret and Hollister i never get a call back even though im well qualified. i've seen pretty girls who suck at interviews get a job over me. and thats why i feel it is no hope for me bcuz i kno this society is very physical/materialistic based. so i know me being ugly trying to move to the top is gonna be a looong ****ty road. not to mention i have to try EXTRA harder than a pretty girl does. People are mean and angry to me for no reason. Never smile at me. Are scared of me. Are never interested in getting to know me. All i hear are people talking bad about me. And its not paranoia when they are staring RIGHT in my face laughing and joking. This may sound like a joke but its faaaar from a joke.

So yes i feel there is no hope for me as far as having it easy in life.
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I made a genuine attempt to start getting my life sorted last October by finding a job & then I was let go in November & things in my life have only been going downhill since. I can't say I'm completely hopeless as I do have flashes of hope with regard to my potential & how to go about fullfilling that potential but so far I can't seem to catch any sort of break to get started on moving forward & my depression is as heavy as it's ever been. I feel like after high school I fell behind the pace of the world & have been trying to play catch up ever since with no success whatsoever. I can't even seem to maintain a pace that would keep me where I am, I just keep falling further behind.

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Originally Posted by Canadian Brotha View Post
I made a genuine attempt to start getting my life sorted last October by finding a job & then I was let go in November & things in my life have only been going downhill since.
This is what makes getting over this stuff so hard. You try and when it doesn't work it hurts so much more because you tried. So then you don't want to try anymore.
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Exclamation whats the point?

hey im 17 and im a failure in live. im in highschool as a senior but im always thinking about my life.. i have no hope my gpa is bad and the only choice is join the military service and go to war and die but i always wanted to become a fashion designer and im not gay, im just interested in clothing designs and be successful but i never did good in my art classes, i wasted my entire highschool career on history. but i cant even be a damn historian cause my grades are terrible, most of my friends are talking about their good life and being something in life, they are getting ready for prom, college and etc & thats just makes me feel useless, sometimes i asked myself what the hell i am doing here? i got no hope, i never asked to be born. i usually get depressed and theres a rope waiting for me at my room and a little hanger thingy to clip the rope and just hang myself cause i really dont see nothing in my future. Right now im working as a busboy and it sucks, i really dont wanna end up like my parents, im not saying their arent bad jobs but the thing my parents were always there for me and i let them down and its very sad. i just suck at living life, every relationship i had, i ended up having depression. I always think of my ex, she having a better life than me, and ofcourse people told me to move on but i just cant. well i dont know what to say anymore, my life its just a mess and it cant fixed. im scared to face the real world, theres so much things i dont think im ready for it ... So the only solution is hanging myself or what other options i have ?
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every flippin day. i ask myself when's my life going to begin? & will it ever. it sucks to have SA

only god can judge me.
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I too feel hopeless... I dropped out of school two years ago, I have no friends and I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life.
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I'm the same boat, I do nothing all day except sleep and spend excessive hours on the internet and personally feel I have become a total recluse. I don't like my chances with jobs or future schooling.

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There is. I believe we just over analyze ourselves to the point that it seems like we don't have hope. Sooner or later you will see it.
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Been feeling like this for the last 15 years, although I haven't completely wasted my life (have partner, child, full time job) i still feel an enormous emptiness inside, like my personality is missing, and after trying just about everything, feel hopeless to fix it. I thought I was alone in this till I found this site a couple weeks ago. SA is hell.
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As cliche as it is.. Here:

"There will always be hope, there will always be chances. You just have to believe. You chose to get on this road, you can always chose to change lanes or U-turn"

Dont just look at those words and say yeah I heard that a million times. Actually look at those words and think about what it means. Might help you.

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