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Do you get annoyed by people more than most people do?

I wonder if this has a lot to do with social anxiety. But I find small things about people really, really annoying. Things most people would never even notice or care about. I can get so annoyed by their voice, the way they talk, or certain words they use a lot, or the way they move, or other things. I find it really hard to be around people because of how annoyed i get at them. Does this happen a lot for those with social anxiety?
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I'm very easily annoyed, probably as a result of how exceptionally frustrated my SA, OCD, and depression leave me. A collection of mental disorders doesn't make for a good mood. And when in a bad mood one's likely to get pissed off over trivial things they'd ignore if in a better mood.

No, I can't say that I've ever found any voice really annoying. Well, except for those who speak very softly, forcing me to endlessly ask "what?" as I could make out what they're saying. At a certain point I really want to say "how about you simply stop talking as I can't hear a damn thing you're saying anyhow." Thus far I've never actually said that to anyone, but I've sure wanted to. I don't talk a lot, but seems my voice is plenty loud when I do.

I'm not a grammer Nazi either, though it does catch my attention when people don't know the difference between 'to,' 'too,' and 'two.' It makes them look not-so-bright. Example: "Steve bought two pounds of beef to make burgers for his guests too."

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not their voices so much unless i'm in a really bad mood. but i find a lot of times, even when i don't want to be, i get really aggravated with people and wish i could just get away from them. more often than i would like, really.

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On certain days, (most) a lot of things just annoy me. This is usually because I am already frustrated about things in my life. There are certain good days, when you can blow my brains out and I am still happy.
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Yes definitely. I get annoyed and irritated by other people very easily....peoples bad habits and poor behavior especially drive me insane.

I've had a few jobs in the past working away from home and had to share rooms with other people, which was utter torture for me. Drunk guys coming crashing into the room i was sharing with them at 3am, snoring, farting, smoking and leaving crap everywhere. Those jobs really tested my patience to the absolute limit.
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I know my tolerance for frustration and irritation seems to be WAY lower than that of people around me or people I'd consider "normal." Anxiety probably plays a role (it's like my nerves are constantly raw), though I'm not sure if social anxiety in particular is to blame.

I try to be understanding and tolerant of small things that people can't control because I know how it can feel to be on the receiving end (I have temporomandibular disorder and my dad used to get mad at me that my jaw pops when I chew--like I could control it!) but, yes, sometimes it's difficult, especially if it's something somebody CAN control and/or if they're just doing it to be annoying. :/

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I have never gotten married because I most of the men I dated so got on my nerves. Now I am almost 45 and single and will never have any kids and it's really hitting me and I'm very sad and panicky about it.
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I get annoyed at things my stepfather (who treated me like the red-headed stepchild) used to get annoyed at me about like somebody smacking their lips when they eat, kicking the back of my seat in a movie theater or a car and, although I don't treat children this way I find myself being jealous of kids who get treated well because he was annoyed at the mere fact that I existed.
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I do get annoyed, but I hide it really well. I am pretty sure I have annoyed tons of people so I try to not let it get to me.
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YES!! All the time, sadly. I fight they urge to roll my eyes when they make little jokes and everyone laughs. I realized that once I pay attention to how easily they can talk to others, I get very annoyed. Over time, I concluded that I am more upset about the fact that they can speak in front of people, rather than what they're actually saying.
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yes I get very annoyed with people. Im getting to the point were I going to get in a confrontation and get arrested I sick of being bullied and mistread. And struggling in life after working so hard and not liking where I am.
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Yeah, I can't stand it when people think it's ok to act stuck up and bully someone for fun. Or if they think they can sit there and criticize your life and when you point out that you aren't going to hear it and argue they want to sit there and say it's your fault. Or if people are adults and still want to act like grade schoolers with uneccesary hate and untrue gossip.
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I get annoyed by smaller things as well, including flaws I have myself. It doesn't take much for me to dislike someone.
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YES. I have a tendency to get annoyed with people (and situations/things) easier than the average person. That's what I always complain about. I tend to have a bad temper and even though I can control my actions, I can't control how I actually FEEL about the situation. I can control not yelling or acting out, but I can't control the fact that I am really irritated or mad inside.
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