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Do you attract certain types of people?

Someone suggested I make a whole thread about this in another topic, so I thought, why not?

I noticed after a long time that I attract druggies and chicks with "hot-girl" syndrome [this is where a girl is hot, knows she is, and is very used to having things handed to her because of it. These girls don't take anything seriously and when one little bad thing happens to them, it is a catastrophe. They usually date psycho's and do something stupid where guys end up not respecting them. They often complain that it's so hard to have a million guys in love with them and act like you know EXACTLY how that feels when you have no clue]. In every group of friends, I have always had one of these types of people who wanted me to be their friend/lapdog?

Oh yeah I noticed quite a couple of my friends coincidently had an alcoholic parent.

I also noticed that the type of guys I attract are the type that appear goodlooking and confident but are very very insecure in reality.

So tell me, is every person you've met, been friends with, or dated seem like the same type of person? Like you start to notice some kind of pattern? (wtf did I just type?)
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I tend to attract "weird people", even though I consider myself a weird person too. Also, they tend to be the types who are very logical about things and not good at expressing feelings. Which is weird, because I tend to value feelings over logic and I can be pretty sensitive. They tend to not be religious. I attract people who like me, have few friends. The ones I attract tend to fit in all these categories, so it is rare when I come across these types of people.
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i attract the cute introverted nice girl a lot.
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I only ever seem to attract creeps. Seriously creepy people. Like the Neo-Nazi with the lazy eye, mohawk, and gun collection.
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And then most of my friends are the definition of extrovert. I'm not sure why...

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I tend to make friends with really outgoing extroverts. The exhibitionist type. I suppose it's because I'm always willing to join them on their crazy outings, but stopping just short of taking part in whatever it is that they're doing (I mentioned naked golf in the other thread - I didn't make that up), which then makes me good for when they need a helping hand. I guess you could read that and think that they were just using me, but that was never the case.

I always felt that I had more in common with the outcasts and misfits, but I never seemed to connect with them.

Girlfriends? Mixed bag. Very mixed. No trend to speak of, really. Other than their gender. That's what they all have in common.

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Outcasts. Because I treat everyone pretty nicely, especially polite people. And outcasts typically tend to be polite for some reason. And since I am nice to them they warm up to me well.

The more socially confident/extroverted a person is, the more I am at odds and un-cooperative with him, because they tend to take your compliance for granted. I don't give them that. If they want something, they have to work for it or make it worthwhile for me.

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I tend to attract nerds and oddballs. When I think that people are actually pretty cool and interesting, I tend to get intimidated by them, and either ignore them, or act like a bumbling idiot in front of them. I don't exactly have the greatest personality either though, so it doesn't surprise me that these people don't seek out my friendship.

One thing I will say about my friends though, is that they are usually smart/kinda smart. I tend to purposely stay away from really dumb people, and people who follow stupid trends (you know those people: girls in Uggs and miniskirts, bros in backwards baseball caps and popped collars). If you're covered head to toe in Abercromie or Hollister, I don't really care to know you.

Gawd now I sound like a horrible pretentious hipster, but I swear I'm not there yet.
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i attract (if youd call it that) smokers and drug dealers as far as guys go and as far as friends go girls who are overly confident (within good reason though)

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i attract old men.

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In the past i used to attract quite pretty girls. Usually i was too shy to take advantage of it. Now i dont attract anyone i guess - i just dont meet any girls.
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This thread made me think of all the friends I've had during my life and I can't see a defined pattern. I get along well with different types of people, although my closest friends are more in the extrovert side.
Regarding girlfriends, I don't have much to say.
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I attract users and losers.
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The *few* friends I've had over the years have been really outgoing people- I just can't talk to other shy people.
They've also been intelligent and artists(similar to myself).
The online friends I've attracted have been very weird, shy/introverts, and also intelligent artists - even more like myself.
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I don't know really I get looks from most people and not just one type of person.
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I attract sociopaths. One who admitted he was one and that I dated and another I later discovered through other means was one. I also tend to attract people with severe problems in general. I feel less judged hanging around people like that then "normal" people. Lately it made me take a step back and reevaluate myself because I feel so disturbed by it.
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Yes. People with mental and physical disabilities, and people who's parents are divorced or are abused. Also goth/vampires wannabees.

Those are the only types of friends I ever had. It's no wonder all my friends are gone, they themselves had too many personal problems and were not happy with their lives.
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Outcasts. But not the interesting kind of outcast. People who are practically mute, really ugly, socially anxious, people who smell weird. In short, people like me. But I'm usually the most extroverted of the people I hang out with.

I don't think I "attract" this kind of people, we just get lumped together because noone else wants to have anything to do with us.

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When it comes to girls, I don't seem to attract any. But the few girls who were nice to me during my school days were usually the least popular ones, probably because they're the ones who had nothing to lose by talking to a loser like me.

When it comes to males, the ones who would talk to me were usually outgoing or even popular, because those are the ones who aren't afraid of approaching me (and I could never approach someone). But usually they didn't actually make friends with me. It was far more common for popular (and unpopular) people to bully and hate me.
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Important difference: People we actually attract, or people we acknowledge are attracted?

I'm just now learning that all kinds of people might potentially be attracted. However, I tend to acknowledge the advances of manipulative, selfish, emotionally unavailable women.
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For friends, I attract the kinds that are very talkative, extroverted, and love to laugh and mess about. They know from an early stage that I won't reach the heights they do but because I'm very nice and smiley, they accept me anyway usually.

For guys, I've only really started attracting them this year at uni as I had no experience before, and it's the type of boys that like to behave like gentlemen, really insist on telling you how good you look, paying for things and liking that I'm different (e.g. not as loud as other girls)

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