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Didn't go to job interview

I'm a freshman in college.

I applied to target for my first job because i wanted work experience for my future resume. I chickened out at the last second and didn't go to the interview. And after reading the sample interview questions i dnt think i wouldve passed. I dont need money but I'm worried I'll graduate college with nothing to put on my resume. I have never worked, volunteered, or interned anywhere and have 0 references or special skills.

Is it possible to start a career right out of college if i have no experience?? I waste most of my time sitting around doing nothing and don't know anyone.

And one more question is about job interviews. i heard they ask questions like "Think of a time where you had to blah blah blah..." how can someone who has barely any life experiences answer these questions?

It really puts me down because looking at people from highschool's facebooks a lot of people have moved out and are already independent. And i feel like everyone has had their first job since they were 15.
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If you're still in college, start searching for internships as soon as possible. Often there won't be an interview required, but even if there is you should go just for the experience.

I recently had two job interviews - and after having a pretty bad anxiety attack in the first one I went to a doctor and they prescribed a small dose of diazepam for me to take before the next interview. I took it and the second interview went very smoothly, with my nerves under control. If your anxiety is bad enough, that might be something you want to look into.

Regarding behavioural questions (e.g. 'tell me about a time when you set a goal and achieved it' or 'tell me about a time you worked in a team', etc.) - those can be very challenging, I know they are for me. Your best bet is to try to prepare some answers before the interview. The experiences that you talk about don't need to be from work experience, it can be lessons you've learned from your studies or from your daily life (e.g. I had multiple assignments due on the same day so I set up a time management system, set priorities based on how much work was involved, etc. and completed all my work on time, achieving good results). You might want to look into getting yourself one of those interview preparation books with some sample questions to practice preparing answers for.

I know interviews can be very nerve-wracking - they certainly are for me - but I believe that practice makes perfect and ultimately we'll both be just fine once we've gone through enough of them.
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I know what you are talking about, with the "Think of a time where you had to..." questions, I just lied for my interviews. Your answers don't have to make you sound like superman. For instance, they asked me a question that was around this - "Name a time you had to lead a group and what were your responsibilities." All i said was "I was in charge of a science project and I had everybody discuss which parts they would like to do. I also set up dates for us to meet in the library to work together on the project."
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I prepared for my interview just like a test at School..

I went through all the basic questions they might ask me, and revised them over and over until I felt comfortable enough that I could instantly answer anything they threw at me.

The end result was actually rewarding as they decided to hire me. Working now around my co-workers is a whole different story though!


"Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing."

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happy :)
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i started my 1st job when i was 11 years old i worked on a vege farm through some friends of mine they never paid me cash just gave me veges to take home i know you must feel like your not going anywhere but you know i have hardly any experience in anything i also applied to a retail store here in Australia kmart was hiring people so i put my name down then i answered all the questions to the best of my ability,i mean how am i to know anything if i haven't worked in that area, i didnt get any calls back , but every time i called them they would say well you can come into the store and put in a application or you can go online and fill one on there, i did that but it was a waste of time ,i think next time you call up for a job tell them you have no experience and that you wont be able to fill in a application form that asks for experience because you've never worked in a job like this be as honest as possible and tell them your willing you learn as well as work your way from the bottom to the top, constantly ring them make sure you get the bosses name and ring them every week kinda begging them for a position you need to sell yourself even if you start out as a trolley boy your still gonna get paid so who cares what type of job it is, for a year i worked as a car cleaner, i hated the job but it was great exercise in the end they said i was the best car cleaner they ever had which really made me feel good, you can start some where too try major shopping centres food outlets your bound to get a job there or even maybe there's work on a farm some place who know who could be picking strawberry for someone, garden nursery's always want people for just weeding there will be something keeping looking good luck mate

I know it seem hard sometimes but uhh
Remember one thing "Through every dark night, there's a bright day after that ,So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, Keep your head up, and handle it"

- Tupac Shakur -
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Bad move man. You really need to man up. You best call that store and tell them some lie why you could not make it and reschedule. I been to several target interviews and they are easy. They pretty much hire anyone if they need people. After college you will need to go to way more serious interviews with a lot at stake, unlike the target one. You need the practice. Just go. Call back and tell them some BS, just get in there! Even if you don't get the job, you will get some interview experience. You got to man up soon or the college loans will start piling up and you will be too afraid to go to an interview.
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Putting it off will only make it more difficult for you. I have a friend who has been on social assistance for the past 8 years. The last job she had 3 years ago and quit after her 3rd week (it was her 1st week after the training). Just last week she got an interview for a job that would consist of mixing food in the back of the restaurant. She didn't even have to slice anything up or cook. Yet, she cancelled her interview saying that she didn't like that it was so early in the morning. It was a 10 min walk from her home and clearly she just was being lazy and making excuses for herself.

I told her she should have kept it even for a few months as she hasn't had any job history for years to put on her resume (to try to get a better job). She's 32 and keeps making excuses. You don't want to do that, do you? One thing always leads to the next and you don't want to go down that path.

Besides, just knowing you went to the interview will make you feel like at least you made an attempt. Better for your self-worth than doing nothing at all.
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