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collapsing due to panic attack?

Has anyone here had anything similar happen to them like this?:

I suffer from social anxiety, ADHD and insomnia.. I take ADHD meds daily and insomnia medications when I need to, but I hadn't taken that for about a week before this happened... I had woken up at 4 a.m. one night quite suddenly and was thirsty so went downstairs to fix myself up something to drink. Soon after my housemate comes in after a night out and starts chatting with me. He's a cool guy and pretty good looking but often I feel like I really have to try hard not to show my anxiety when I talk to him, and it's usually a bit stressful... well right after waking up usually the last thing I want to do is talk to anyone so I was really having a hard time trying to keep up the conversation... though half way into it I was thinking that it was going along surprisingly well, but everything felt a bit weird. I started feeling like my head was being compressed though, but he went to bed and then when the compressed feeling wouldn't go away, I thought I was going to faint, so I crouched to the floor. I was sort of seeing a throbbing flash in front of my eyes, but not the "stars" you get with fainting.

The feeling didn't go away, but it didn't get worse, so I got up slowly and started walking out the kitchen. And then my muscles totally gave and I collapsed. I remember hitting my head really hard and yelling out, and my housemate coming out of his room but then, what my housemate says (because at this point i went unconscious)was that I started shaking and had my arms held tightly to my chest and I was just staring up at the ceiling. He was like "are you ok, are you ok"? What I remember next was seeing dark shapes above me and thinking, with a lot of annoyance, "what the hell are my housemates doing in my bedroom??" as I thought I was back in bed. I was saying "I"m okay, I'm okay". and then I realised I was laying on the kitchen floor.

And I felt okay enough to get up, so I did and was going to head to the couch to lie down but then as soon as I took one step I fell unconscious again, my housemate caught me but then I fell towards the bed and the same thing happened, eyes wide open, apparently I looked really freaked out... I felt sick as hell afterwards, all cold sweats, but felt okay the next day.

Tonight I was making some warm milk before heading to bed and same housemate walks in the door and he was joking around, chiding me for not having gone outside on a beautiful day (got distracted playing music), and I'm pretty tired so I'm gamely trying to think up quick responses, the usual social phobia thing, but I noticed I started getting that very same compressed feeling in my head and forced myself to pause for a second. So I think this may be linked to the social anxiety more than anything else...

Thanks for reading and if you have any ideas or thoughts to share, I'd love to hear them!!!!!
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Re: collapsing due to panic attack?

Dont take my word as the truth, but I've never heard of anyone actually fainting from panic, although it sure feels as though that would happen in that moment.
From what I read in your post is to me sounds like a seizure if you got your fists clenced tightly to your chest, I'm not doctor, but anyway. I 've been reading here a long time, and never heard of people fainting from anxiety but that doesnt mean they dont.

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Re: collapsing due to panic attack?

As i understand things, fainting is usually indicative of other potentially serious issues, so you definitely want to check in with a doc.
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Re: collapsing due to panic attack?

Sounds most definitely like a seizure. I've witnessed many and from what you've described it is a textbook example, especially the "flash" beforehand and your bodily position while on the floor.

An anxiety attack can lead to a dizzy feeling, or even collapse, if you're hyperventilated enough, but that does not sound like what happened here. For your health and safety, I recommend that you call your doctor sooner than later.
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Re: collapsing due to panic attack?

I never fainted but i think one of my strongest panic attack was when i woke up in the middle of the night in a panic attack, for no reason. It did seem like it was stronger than anything else. Maybe it was due to sleep apnea. If you're overweight and have sleep apnea, it could be an extra motivation to lose weight.
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Re: collapsing due to panic attack?

I used to have panic attacks that would make me feel faint and dizzy. I felt detached, like I was floating. I used to just breathe through this and told myself that the feeling would pass. I never actually fainted, though. It was just a scary fear that I had.

Somebody get me out of here, I'm tearing at myself.

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Re: collapsing due to panic attack?

i've read countless times that it's not physically possible to faint from a panic attack. it seems like total BS though when you're actually having a panic attack :/
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Re: collapsing due to panic attack?

As suggested, this sounds more like a seizure then fainting.
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Re: collapsing due to panic attack?

I've sort of fainted from anxiety twice as well, although I'm not positive that I actually lost consciousness, (once your blind and numb it's hard to tell) it was sort of like a super head rush. Anyways most sources do seem to say that anxiety wont cause fainting however if you look up fainting emotional distress is listed as a possible cause. Here's some links from webmd. ... rstaid.htm ... c-overview

As other's have said you may want to see a doctor since this does sort of sound like it could be a seizure (also anxiety can trigger seizures in people with certain conditions), but I thought I should give you some information that could help you relax. This may just be some wierd mix of fainting and an anxiety attack.
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