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Unhappy Being robbed...

I was leaving the store that I work at with the deposit and was pushed down and hit a few times. Now I can't stop crying and I can't be alone and I don't want to leave my house. I can't sleep either and my brain is very cloudy. This is killing me.
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I'm so sorry.

I know that if I ever went through something like that I would not want to be alone either, nor would I want to leave home. Have you told anyone how you're feeling? Maybe talking to someone would help?
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Sorry bnrmly

That would make most people nervous

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I've never had anything that violent happen to me, except bullying. But even that...being the target of an unprovoked and pointless attack...has been devastating for me. I can't imagine what it must be like for you. I don't blame you for being in the state you're in.
My sister had a similarly violating experience like yours a year and a half ago. She's never forgotten it, but she's well over it. She's been in first pretty regularly, and infrequently since...and has shared it with other people she trusts. As well, she's shared it with other people as information, to help them prevent the same thing from happening. I think that's a crucial component to getting over the tragedies in your life...find a way to turn it around.
That's why I've joined this forum.
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I've been attacked twice in my life lol, first time I wasn't prepaired 2nd time I was because I had been doing martial arts.. although I've not been for a while it still doesn't stop me praticing my kicks etc.

I would advise starting something like that if you can, it will bring back some confidence to be able to walk the streets again.. still I found it kinda hard to sign up for self defence lessons but once I got there and stuff the people were pretty nice.

Anyway I hope you get better soon

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Whoa that sucks. I hope you feel better soon.
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You're suffering a bout of agrophobia as a result, i had that too going back several years.

I second the comment about Martial Arts, find yourself a decent Boxing gym, that'll help a lot in overcoming it and getting your self confidence back up.
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sorry that happened. But try realising that they were after the money only and not you. They're not pursuing you or want to hurt you further now that they have what they came after. I know it's not easy, though.

And martial art isn't a bad suggestion. It helps build your self confidence.

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sorry that happened to you. when i was 14ish i got robbed for my jacket. me and a friend were getting some snacks at a macs store at like 2am. we walked out of the store and there were 4 guys probably in their late teens/ early twenties standing over by a garbage can near the door.

one of them asks me if i had a lighter so a very naive me walks over to him looks down reaches my pocket for the light looks up then out of nowhere the guy sucker punches me a couple of times in the face. my friend takes off running one of the guys chases after him but never catches him. the other guys tell me to give them my jacket so i did then they run over to their van and take off.

just keep telling yourself you ll probably never see this person or persons again and the chances of being robbed again are just as slim as before and dont keep your self locked up in your home and with time you ll start to forget about it.
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