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Unhappy Anyone lost or quit their job because of SA?

I'm in a bad place at work. It's in a high stakes consultancy firm, and my boss is a la Glen C. in Devil Wears Prada.

Anyway, my anxiety has just gotten worse and worse, and I've made mistakes because of it, and because, hey I'm human and I'm trying to get a lot of work done for them. Well, I've decided to turn in my resignation on Wednesday because things are getting worse. I made a HUGE mistake today when I sent out an incorrect email, twice, to a group of potential networkers and clients. Oh boy, I actually felt nauseous when I realized my mistake! It was so juvenile, but I was using a new technology, and I was trying to rush through it to get to my other work.

Although I've been thinking about leaving for a loooong time now, I feel like **** about it, and I can't help but feel if I didn't have the SA things would have been a lot easier for me there. May be I'd still even be okay with working there.

Has anyone else found themselves quitting or being laid off because of SA related issues?

Just curious. I've got one job prospect lined up right now, and a little money in savings, but I'm terrified of trying to find a job in this economy if that other position doesn't work out. I listen to NPR obsessively and all the gloom and doom about the job market has just made my anxiousness even worse.

Can anyone relate?
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I hear you I got fired because I had a huge panic attack at work and figured the best way to go about it was to talk to the head Doc at the vet clinic I worked at. Thinking maybe she would understand being kinda a Doc and all. Well didnt work out. I had been there almost 6 months with no issues (before this one and no clients were affected or saw it happen) but a week later they told me I needed to take a test because they felt I didn't know how to do my job. Took there test aced it...they let me go, anyway they didn't feel I fit in.
Good luck...
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Haven't quit my job BECAUSE of SA, but when I do quit I never announce it. I just don't come in and ignore my boss' phone calls and try not to be seen by any of my [former] co-workers.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but SA really makes me hesitant to tell someone I'm quitting. I think I might be able to do it now, the aforesaid situations were years ago.
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Don't quit. Hang in there until they fire you. I suck at my job. Bigtime. I believe they should fire me, but until they do I'm showing up everyday and doing whatever I can. It may not be enough, but hell, maybe it will be. If you quit, you remove any chance of success. My job requires meetings all the time, interacting with people, I hate it and I feel like a worthless bum, but the money is too good to give up. I will not give up until they kick me out.

Woody Hayes said this in 1978 after he punched that Clemson player and Ohio State gave him a chance to resign, "I'm not resigning. You *******s will have to fire me." And they did, but he didn't quit.
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