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Anybody else unable to hold a job?

I've been on the hunt for almost a year, and lately, I've been fired for the third time for not working fast enough. And it lasted 2 weeks and a half, my longest stay at a place in my lifetime.

I first thought I just ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time, but now after the 3rd job I'm fired from, I'm now considering the idea that I AM the problem.
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What job was it? My main problem with job hunting is the fact that I have to interact with people, which I can't do. I can't do jobs where there is a lot of pressure put on me. I'm pretty much incompetent when it comes to work. The only job I ever had was elementary school custodial work during the summer, and it wasn't too bad because I only interacted with the 2 women who worked there, and they were pretty nice and were very easy on me. I typically worked alone, except for the few times when the principal interacted with me.

A lot of bosses can be jerkoffs. Perhaps it is the fact that those 3 jobs just weren't very good. It's not exactly uncommon for people to get jobs that they hate because of a horrible boss or other reasons.
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So what were the reasons they gave you when they let you go?
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I had probably 6 jobs within the span of a year and a half and I ruined them all because of mostly my anxiety and depression and it sucks... but my next one I plan on keeping

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Originally Posted by Lisa View Post
So what were the reasons they gave you when they let you go?
That is already mentioned in my post.


First job was as a baker at Tim Hortons. Fired after three hours.
Second was in a grocery store, as a clerk in the fruit/vegetables department. Fired after three days.

The last one was as a dishwasher in a very small restaurant.

Seriously, I am not lazy at all - that's the thing. I work fairly hard.
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I haven't gotten fired from a job, but I have been job hopping a lot, it seems like my bosses keep getting worse, or my SA and depression keeps getting worse. I often get panic attacks Sunday night, because I dread going to work on Monday. I wish I could take some time off, but I need this job to pay the bills.

That's what she said.
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Originally Posted by bluedragon View Post
That's pretty weird because those jobs seem easy. I mean, it really appears that you are the problem.
That's what I'm thinking, but it can't be that hard to keep a job, can it?

From now on, it'll be impossible for me to feel safe once I get another job. I'll always feel like I'm standing on a tightrope.
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Ive just joined this site because this thread relates to me, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this.
I struggle to keep a job for more than a few months, and if I do manage to stay, the anxiety and sadness it causes me seeps into every other area of my life.
I have a string of qualifications, done a wide range of jobs, now in my mid 30's and yet all I do is drift from one job to the next, leaving due to having a breakdown, panic attacks, or being threatened with being fired because I'm just not progressing quick enough.
I'm about to leave my current job role because I struggle to retain information, talk to customers, and just to leave the house without crying on a workday.
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I'm entirely unable to work.

DEA agents, being on par with Nazi war criminals, should be executed for crimes against humanity. They are guilty of inflicting mass suffering upon legitimate patients.
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If you think you arent working hard enough, then you have to put a lot of effort into your job. Just change gears into a hard working mode, and then when your shift is over, just relax all you want.
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When i used to have a job, i was dumbfounded how easy most people found their jobs, they were so damn good at it! They were laughing, having fun and performing their job like it was a piece of cake.
I on the other hand, was terrible at it. Constantly got an earful from the management to do better, eventually got so fed up in my inability to do my job, i quit. To be honest i would have been fired soon enough anyway.
Some people truly live life on easy mode. Relationship? Easy. Work? Easy. Every damn thing is easy for them while we struggle to do anything right.

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mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.”
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Smile 4 years off. no practice

that'll grow

nobody accepted by employer after a whole day off!

keep it up? rejection?

also 4 years no girlfriend? that's unattractive. 6 years of that

I never choose such a scenario. I never walk away or give up

people who reject a person... are building a personal pipebomb for themselves

rejectors, terminators, closedowners, shutdowners... that's their career?

a bit unlikely to have a queue of killers on their doorstep, but should earn a truly negative reputation from their actions
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I am too lazy to hold a job! Nobody will hire me! You need to have a connection! It is all about trust! I hope one day I'll find my dream job! Not like right now!
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