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anxiety attacks.. everyday


I feel really dissapointed , because my anxiety is getting worse.
I experience anxiety attacks EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I feel chest pain, shortness of breathing, i feel tensed,
i feel like i cant breathe, i feel stressed, and my heart is beating fast.
And I have moments that i feel really relaxed, but most times of the day I experience this horrible feeling.
I don't know what to do, I try to listen to relaxation music but I still feel this way. I feel so anxious and such a hard pain on my chest.
And I can scream, but that doesnt help at all.
I hate this.. I just sooo hate this.
I want to feel relaxed... calm.. But now at the moment I feel like i'm dying.
And this hapens to me when i wake up, and in the afternoon it gets a little less, but today It doesnt go away..... It keeps on going. anxiety attack ...

please give me advice xxxx
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Hi good singing Its hard to be anxious when your singing! try it out but also try to sing slightly slower than normal, i've no idea why this works?
I used to get anxious and shake when I ate in public so i swapped round the knife and fork and used them in different hands and i didn't shake anymore, maybe it used a different part of my brain, I don't know.
Anyway keep singing

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you!
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Have you been to a doctor to make sure there's not a biological cause for your anxiety? Non-stop anxiety attacks seem like they might be caused by a vitamin deficiency or a hormone imbalance.

It's really unfortunate that this is happening to you.
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When you feel an anxiety attack coming on try this breathing technique: breath in slowly while counting to 5 then out again counting to 5, repeat until the attack goes away. It's the only technique that helps my anxiety attacks, I'm sure there are more techniques on the internet that a quick search would find.

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First off let me say you are a very talented woman. I enjoyed the social phobia song,and watch the video where you talk about social anxiety. The thing you said about stop lights and people looking at you, i know the feeling. I am sad to see this effect such a beautiful woman like yourself, because you should have nothing to worry about..

I hope you find relief soon. and just remember your not alone, next time at a red light when you think "ahh there all looking at me" theres a good chance some one beside you is thinking the same thing.. while we're sharing youtube videos, here my channel.. i post videos of game play and do commentary on occasion.. good luck.
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Hey meepmeep,

I think you sound just fine and you have a beautiful voice.
Don't worry about what other people are thinking about you. If they're thinking negative things about you then they're the ones with the problem, not you.
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I've never had panic attacks or anxiety attacks so I deal with my SA without meds but I would suggest that you try to get on meds to help with your attacks. I couldn't imagine having severe SA and having anxiety attacks right along with it. I'd pursue some sort of medication.

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ANxiouS ANXIOUS anxious
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I understand your pain, i wouldnt even call it a panic attack because i have nothing to panic about ! and neither do you probably.
like in the bookstore the other day i didnt but i couldnt relax like everyone else an just read my book i kept thinking people were watching me an judging what books i wwas reading :/ so i got short of breath and had to go outside it really sucks it probably feels like you cant enjoy things like other people but really you can dont give up

i heard looking at a snow screen when your about to come on an attack really calms you down. snow screen is the tv when it is on the wrong channel the fuzzy one.... it suppose to satisfy the anxiety or something an overall calms you. it does work but i feel like im being brainwashed or in a hypnosis or something....
just keep trying everything you can! it will be OK

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I get anxiety attacks when I'm in class or when I used to be at work. I'd just stare at the window and forget about everything for a while. I try to imagine hearing seagulls and waves crashing. Then it's like...**** I'm here
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