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Why can't I be happy?
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Always Sad and Angry..

I'm always sad and angry...why? because I'm disappointed and ashamed of myself. I get depressed because I feel ugly all the times, stupid all the time and pathetic. I always fall for a guy who doesn't even see, notice or gives a **** about me. For no reason my heart race and I breath hard, get uncomfortable and my hands get sweaty in a lot of situations*damn sa* I see couples on tv and real life and it depresses me. I see families who are close and that depresses me too. Societies standereds depress me too. Looking in the mirror, doing bad in school, not having to make a new friend in 3 years, feeling like the loser friend and family member, feeling unromantically loved, avoiding mirrors, wanting to be what im not..always scared to try new things or really anything..Unable to talk to people and go to fun places.

I want to be successful. Wake up feeling good; worry free. Be able to look in a mirror proud and happy to say wow that's me. Meet a guy who looks beautiful like a person I've seen a few time*not telling; but he is so beautiful..* I want to be able to have someone like him..

I want to finally love me.

anyone feel like that? <---and this? My websitek(JOIN) Poetry, Photography and more.(EXPLORE) blog(FOLLOW) My friends site; she is an amazing artist!
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Life is hard. I'm sorry. I think I know how it feels. I've wanted companionship for a long time. I know it sounds silly and cheesy, but when I was younger, even at age 15, I only wanted a girl who I could connect with, you know? I didn't even want a sexual relationship. I just wanted to have someone there... to love and be loved. I've never had that, and there are times when I look back on my life and feel pathetic. Sometimes I just go into full self-hatred mode, and I can't stand myself. I feel ugly an all-around horrible.

I wrote more than I originally intended to, but I guess my answer is that I have no answer. It's obviously hard for me to give a female advice on self-love :P. We have to deal with different social demands blah, blah, blah.

Generally, you should like yourself, but you already know that. Just know that if you're having problems in life, you should change the things you can and accept the things you can't. Don't just try to fit in, of course. That hardly ever works. Work with what you have.

Also, learn to be kind to yourself, ma'am. No one is perfect.

I'm rambling, so I will stop typing.

Who knows but that, on the lower frequencies, I speak for you?
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I have experienced a lot of what you've described.

As many here will likely tell you, loving yourself, being happy and content with yourself and your circumstances is a big first step to overcoming a lot of these feelings. The difficulty lies in how to go about changing the way you see yourself.

I have been operating on the concept of negative self-image, in order to try and overcome these issues myself. I wrote a mini-book about it (link in my signature), and invite you to read it. If nothing else, perhaps it will give you a starting point to finding your own way.
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