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Almost got sprayed by skunks

It's actually kind of a funny story. I find it funny now, even though I didn't find it funny at the time. I decided to take a nap after work today, which ended up being like a eight hour nap. I ended up waking up at midnight, and I was bored so I decided to go for my daily walk. I try to walk everyday after work, but since I was too tired today I had a very long nap instead. Anyway, I figured it was the best time to go for a walk anyway because there would be less people out. Apparently not, there were a lot of people walking around, and they are all young so I'm assuming they are college students just enjoying their summer freedom. This is a college city, so we have a lot of them around. I did whatever I could to avoid them because people my age or younger make me more nervous than older people. Well, there was a huge group of them laughing and hanging out on the one street and I got nervous. So I decided to cross the road instead. Well, the part I ended up crossing to had three skunks pawing through someones garbage. I froze, and so did they, and their tails were all raised. So I backed up slowly back into the road, and then I walked along the road until I was good distance from them before I went to the sidewalk.

All I could do was shake my head at myself because I came so close to getting sprayed just to avoid people. Skunks are actually really cute. It's just too bad you can't pet them because they look so soft. Well, you could but it would be a very bad idea.
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What are you gonna do when you turn 30? Anyway there are a lot of skunks round where I live. I have to be careful to avoid them myself.
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I don't see what turning 30 has to do with anything?
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My father was sprayed once when out hunting Pheasants with his dog. The dog ended up getting into a fight with the skunk and the skunk was getting the better of the dog. So my father had no choice but to shoot the skunk. I was only 4 years old when this happened and remember mom going to town to buy tons of tomato juice for my dad to bathe in.

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Glad they spared you, that would have been awful. I've recently had some bad experiences with raccoons. They can be pretty vicious. They would come out at night to eat the cat's food, fight amongst themselves, and it would sound like we were getting burgled.
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Lol I'll worry about it when the time comes, but hopefully I won't be here by then. I doubt my SAS will be cured by the time I am 30, however I am hoping I won't still be posting on this forum and the other ones I go on by then. I usually go through stages with forums. There are ones I went on five years ago that I probably haven't looked at in over a year, and I have no desire to. Just like as soon as I hit 19/20 I gave up on the teen forums I loved from the age of 13 to older. And my username on those? Ashleyiscool. Yup, I had an internet ego back then. I was more outgoing on forums then real life and even now. I used to post so many threads and posts. Anyway, I'm rambling. My username is the last thing I am worried about, lol.

But yeah it kind of made me think when I was walking home, and even today at work. It seems like it is worse in the summer. I've always been nervous around people, but I usually to just put my head down and walk by them. I always have headphones on, I did last night. In the summer though, I always avoid people more than in the winter. It's a shame because summer is my favourite season.

I told people at work the skunk story, not the avoiding people part. I omitted that. They don't know about my SA. I just told them about how I almost walked into three skunks. They thought it was pretty funny.
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I don't think I'd know what to do if I saw a real, live skunk. I've never seen one. I'm generally scared of wild animals even if they're relatively harmless. I sure wouldn't want to be skunked, though.

Once I was taking my garbage out at midnight and I saw some kind of wild dog. I guess it was a coyote or something. I just froze. I couldn't move. He just kind of crouched down and scurried away. I don't take my trash out at night anymore.
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I always seem to see skunks and raccoons at the same time. If you walk around certain neighborhoods in SF after 10pm you see them. A week ago I went Trader Joe's at 9pm and I cut through my university to get there (short cut). On the way back I saw 2 raccoons walking by from afar in my university. Raccoons seem to be in pairs pretty often. Then as I got closer to my apartment I saw a skunk. Skunks are so tiny. Smaller than cats. Even though I wanted a closer look I crossed the street to avoid them.
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I've had a few run-ins with skunks while running in the morning, startling enough for them to aim but not fire. Never three of them at a time, though! I heard that they don't like the smell either so they don't use this defense unless they feel it's necessary.
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We get skunks, possums, and raccoons on our porch just about every night, since we put out bird seed and cat food for random half-feral or outdoors cats that wander the neighborhood, and of course when you do this, everything else shows up to eat as well. It's just a matter of course for us. It's no big deal to turn on the light and find, say, three skunks, a family of raccoons, and maybe a possum out there all at once or in quick succession. One time we had a skunk and a raccoon; skunk was eating, minding its own business, raccoon was giving me a rueful look that the skunk was getting all the food. Then a possum arrived. Skunk tried to leave, had to walk past the possum. Possum opened its mouth wide and SNAPPED at the skunk's tail as it fled! Raccoon meanwhile was helping itself to the food.

The possums are the least bothersome as they're rarest and least likely to carry nasty diseases. They usually ignore everything around them. The raccoons are cutest but most bothersome as they raid the bird feeders and can carry feline distemper. They often run off fast but one was kind of familiar toward me recently and would just wait nearby as I put out food; last year I would stand watch over an abandoned baby raccoon as it ate. (Recently had a mother and FIVE BABIES out there with her all at once.) The skunks are cute but annoying as they tend to show up in groups and get in squealy fights and stink the place up.

Chances are strong, almost certain, that if you encounter a skunk it will not just automatically spray you. They usually give warning and/or flee first. I can't count how often I've gone slowly out onto the porch and talked to nearby skunks trying to coax them to leave so I could put out food and I can be standing, like, right beside one talking to it for a few minutes before it even notices I'm there. They're not the most observant animals in the world, I guess. They might fluff their tails at me but when they do notice me they usually turn and waddle off, some quicker than others. Have yet to get sprayed personally!

Once I even caught a glimpse of a fox out there before it turned and ran away!

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Three skunks, eh? Sounds like a gang. Twice recently I smelt skunk spray outside my window.

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it is a pretty funny story but I guess the not so funny part is that SA ruins people's normal routines, whether it's something they have scheduled or like in this case usual paths they take- they have to take short cuts or go the longer way just to avoid being around people etc...
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