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Default Afraid about Expressing Opinion

Ever feel that when you go to express your opinion you stop yourself because the other person or other people may try to 'shut down' your opinion by finding loopholes and/or interrogating you based on that opinion?
I'm trying to find the effort to start writing more again but I'm just keep doubting myself thinking that when I post one position someone is just going to 'chew me out' and make me feel like a fool for having an opinion.

For those out there, what's the best way to gain the self-confidence to express your opinion because right now I feel paralyzed by doubt.
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ah i can so relate! i just wrote about this on my blog today in fact. i wish i had the answer, but i'm still working on this issue myself. but all i can say is that not everyone is going to agree with you, but your worth of having an opinion and stating it. that is your right, and you deserve to speak up when you feel its right. we have to learn to not care what others think!

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That's the hardest thing for some of us with SA we often find ourselves caring too much what people think of us, we're afraid that if we speak out and voice our opinions others will laugh at it, call us stupid or be angry with us for voicing it. I can comfortably voice my opinion here with my girlfriend but around other people I imagine much like edtmrk that people are going to find a loop hole in my argument and call me out for being an idiot have dealt with the fear of people's thoughts all my life.

There's a difference between having a well informed opinion that is not confrontational with facts and barking out your opinion so you can be heard as long as you know the difference you'll be able to express yourself in a well informed manner, people won't listen to you if you bully your opinion them, I'm still working on myself but I heard that if you speak with a firm authoritive voice know what your saying and respect opposing view points you can easily learn how to start expressing yourself.

Express yourself. I'm Expressing with my full capabilities
and I'm living in correctional Facilities cause some don't
like how I do this I straight mediate like a buddhist my
behavior is hereditary but my technique is very necessary
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I know what you mean. I try not to express my opinions too much. I am actually a very opinionated person, and I enjoy debating different topics with people I am close to. But if I don't know someone too well I like to remain neutral on most topics. When I do express opinion and people ask follow up questions, I always feel like it is some sort of attack (especially if it is about religion) even though they are probably just curious.

I think the only way to get over it is to express your opinion as much as possible, so you get used to the different reactions you will receive. Eventually you would probably become comfortable with feedback and criticism. Not that I've ever tried.
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