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Originally Posted by venusfruit View Post
I'm extremely pee shy. In grade school, I would hold it in until I came home! I never have problems with that when I'm home. Even now, if I'm in the bathroom and there's people in the other stalls, I can't go until they all leave. It seems so easy for everyone else. I always feel like the only one. The only time I don't have a problem is when I'm drunk. I sometimes wonder if that's why I'm a bit of a urophiliac. It's very twisted!
This is me to a 't'. A few things I've figured out: if I don't drink liquids I can go without peeing for long time. My record is 16 hours and I could have gone longer. Second, like someone else mentioned, if I'm in a stall, when I plug my ears, that helps. As long as I don't see or hear anyone else, I can usually go. This doesn't apply on a airplane. I used to be able to use the bathroom on a airplane but not anymore for some reason. It makes traveling very hard.
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I too tend to plug my ears if there is someone else in the washroom. It`s weird.

I don`t really have a problem with going to them now, but when I was in high school, I don`t think I ever used one at school, ever. But the problem with that is that I had to go really bad as soon as I stepped into my driveway.

What I find is worse than this, though, is the inevitable bathroom breaks that must be taken during the day by females of a certain age, during a certain time. I won`t go into detail of course. But public washrooms and that are just a pain in the butt!!

Ever since I found out what is inside the men`s bathrooms... I`ve always wondered how they can do it. I couldn`t if I was a guy. TOO EMBARRASSING!

P. S. One time when I was at a social in elementary school, and I went to the bathroom, these kids looked over the top of the stall at me!!! Now that is not pleasant!!
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It isn't that bad, just when guys want to have entire conversations with you as they pee, like complete strangers who think they bond with you in some brotherly way because you're peeing next to them in the urinal...their pee buddy, it just freaks me out and then I get pee anxiety. This happens a lot at bars when a guy is drunk, come on, even when I'm wasted and social I really don't feel like talking to a guy when peeing.

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Check out their discussion board. This is a very common social anxiety, and can be quite debilitating. I know.
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i dont have this disorder, however i do always use the stalls in restrooms. i dont like whipping it out near other people. "cubicle pisser" is the term rofl
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Doesn't bother me much. I never take a crap in a public place unless of emergency. If I have to I'll often drive to a park or one of those port-a-john places at least then I can crap my guts out alone and the facility won't stink up worse then it already is. Being tall sucks the average bathroom stall people can see your face while wiping. It's uhm, awkward a little.

Peeing yeah I'm not to shy, I figure if they want to look they can, but it will only make them jealous.

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Gosh we learn a lot about each other on this forum don't we?

I usually try to find less frequented restrooms and I don't ever use the urinals. If the adjacent stalls are occupied I try n sit it out until they empty. And those auto flush toilets seriously freak me out cos they always seem to flush when I least expect them too .
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I am cracking up. I thought only I discused pooping so openly. Poop is a daily conversation at my house. My son who has SA has also developed Encopresis...the inability to sense the urge to he has accidents. As if he doesn't have enough anxiety issues to deal with! We are quite open about it in our house to alleviate the axiety, but it sucks. And you feel like such a failure as a parent. I personally have a phobia of public restrooms. I will hold it as long as I can before i will use one. I've been know to pull over in a dark parkinglot and pee there. AND POOP, forget it. My *** is not going anywhere near a toilet seat! And if i absolutely have to, I use like 10 of those liners on top. Anyway, just had to share!!!

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Shy bladder sucks, I can never go if there is someone right next to me or even worse waiting in line at the urinal. I will usually pretend I went and go back later. I've gotten a lot better though before I couldn't even go if there was no one in there.

As for going number 2 I will usually plan ahead and go to the bathroom before going out and eat light lunches. I only go if there is no one there and I really, really have to go.

I can't believe the people that talk on cell phones while they are urinating or even worse on the toilet, just farting and grunting away like it's no big deal. This is beyond bizzare to me.
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Shy bladder can be defeated with practice! Take it from someone who knows.

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Originally Posted by SebFontain View Post
I hate using the urinals when someone is standing next to me. I have had guys look at my member before and in one case had to tell a guy to keep his eyes on his own junk. I even had an old guy spy on me once when I was going #2 in a stall. I always try to wait till I am home.
I had an old guy spy on me in the stall too! Freaked me out. Still freaks me out a little.

I don't have trouble with peeps, use the urinal and am fine, but twosies I can only go if no one else is in there or if it is really loud. If someone comes in I'll just wait. Sometimes it can be really annoying if people keep going in and out.
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I used to have trouble going to the urinal, but nowadays, it is not so bad. My main problem is the stall and trying not to make noise. I wait until somebody flushes.

Other than that, potty protection papers are a must and can muffle the tinkle.

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I usually go from 7 AM to 9:30 PM without using the facilities because of this. I can't STAND the thought of other people hearing me pee. The toilet seat issue can always be defeated with a few layers of seat protecters, but the thought of someone being able to hear me pee freaks me out. I used to go at work after we closed, but then one day I realized I could hear someone peeing from the hallway, and that was the end of that.

I know it's stupid and irrational, but I can't get over it. Luckily I seem to have a bladder the size of Russia.
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I'm poop shy....I cannot function normally when at other peoples houses when I need to go or in public.

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I used to be unable to pee in public restrooms if anyone else was around, although I had a little more luck if it was someone I knew. My friend was the opposite. He was fine with strangers but had trouble with friends nearby!

I can tell you that it becomes easier as you get older. It hardly bothers me at all any more. For whatever reason, I just don't care any more so I don't get that intense anxiety that I used to get. Much nicer.

It might have to do with being married too. My wife does not shut the door when using the bathroom and feels free to come in if I am in there. That eventually helped me reduce the related anxiety too. Plus all of the fun stuff married people tend to do gets you less shy about things and reduces the anxiety.

Another thing that can help is finding a 'pee' buddy who you are able to talk to about the issue and then going to pee together. If you can talk about it you'll find it isn't as awkward as you would think. It is kind of liberating. You can both drink a lot of fluids and then agree to stand around as long as it takes until you both go. Eventually the anxiety decreases and you actually can. Then celebrate!

BTW, most people with this condition avoid drinking liquids but that can eventually cause kidney stones, which are no fun, so do yourself a favor and work on the problem so you can drink enough liquids that your urine is mostly clear and not yellow. I know that is uncomfortable and a pain, but it will help you get over the issue too!
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I can piss OK , as long as I can use the cubicle and close the door, and the trick is , is to aim it onto the side of the thing ,rather than directly piss in to the water.
This way you can piss almost in complete silence.

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I have this exact problem. It's like my bladder has a brain, and it's conscious. To the point where I feel ashamed, so it's definitely a huge anxiety issue for me.
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