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I really doubt it is genetic. It is actually a rare disorder, some people tend to just be unlucky in being born with screwed up sensory processors.

I don't know anyone that even shows signs of possible misophonia, tinnitus, or anything relative to it. Let alone the fact that my family members are extremely unsympathetic and refuse to understand my difficulty it causes me in living a normal life.
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I am so sorry you have to live like that. I am a long time sufferer of Misophonia, though I never knew it was actually a "condition" until stumbling upon this page.
I am 42 years old and have often felt the uncontrollable urge to punch someone in the face when they were popping their gum. I can be in a great mood, hanging out with a friend or family member and as soon as they open a pack of gum or put anything in their mouth, my mood goes to instant rage. i cannot stand it!
I hate the sound of my coworker in the next cubicle clicking his mouse (hard). I understand when you say your friends say " oh that bothers me too" no no no, it doesnt just bother me, It makes me want to rip your face off and feed it to a dog. Theres a big difference.
When I go to the movies, I wait until the movie is almost out of the theatre and then I sit all the way in the back row, so noone can sit behind me eating popcorm. Then on top of all of that, I caarry ear plugs with me at all times. I have said on many occasions, I think I would rather be deaf than to have to deal with this.
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I just looked it up and yeah I have it. I can't stand people chewing with their mouths open or noisy eaters in general. Puts me in rage mode.

I was sooo angry at some dude who was trippin' on MDMA and making a smooching sound the whole time. Ugh, wanted to rip his head off.

Still waiting for my mania
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I have it. If you whistle or tap on things around me, I might punch you. At the very least I will "ask" you to stop "politely".
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I couldn't say whether it's genetic. Nobody in my family has misophonia (as far as I know, but I'm not close to my family), but I sure do. For me, it's strongly tied to anxiety and OCD.

La Fille, I'm with you on the whistling. I cannot stand that crap. It makes me have all sorts of violent thoughts about creatively relieving the offender of teeth/tongue/life/et cetera.
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I have it. My dad had it. Many people don't even realize that misophonia exists, so chances are if one of your parents constantly yelled at you for any little noise you made, they had it...and now you do too.
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