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Intermittent explosive disorder (IED)

Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is a behavioral disorder characterized by extreme expressions of anger, often to the point of uncontrollable rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand. ... e_disorder

I don't think I suffer from this in a big way as am never physically violent but I'll often explode with rage and verbally attack someone or say very hurtful or aggressive things. It's always followed by a period of deep regret and depression and an almost unbearable preoccupation with what the person I just had an episode in front of will now think of me. I've also had extreme bouts of road rage which have almost ended with someone getting hurt (most likely me).

Last time it happened was at work when my boss made a joke about someone. It was a joke and no offense was meant but I took it upon myself to loudly call him up on it. I don't remember what I said exactly and I hope I didn't swear but I may have. It really is like being out of it for a short time and detached from what I'm actually saying. very odd feeling.

The reason I think its a problem with me and not just a personalty trait is that the way I act is always specific to a small period of time. A short while later I can't understand why I was unable to stop myself behaving in such an over the top manner.

Maybe I'm just looking for more pointless labels and this is just part of the anxiety / depression package. I wondered though if anyone had any opinions or experience of this.
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Re: Intermittent explosive disorder (IED)

Not something id think would be a secondary disorder to SA, but hey i guess anything can happen.

"It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." -- Whitney Young Jr.
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Re: Intermittent explosive disorder (IED)

actually, i have something similar to that, but i was just going to post it under "anger". I've always been an angry person, but ever since starting meds I've calm down a lot. I'm still sensitive about trivial things and get pissed but never rage, but lately... I don't know since when, maybe during the beginning of the summer (with the combo of starting a new drug and being unemployed for awhile), I started getting full blown rage. I get the whole depression/regret then cryjing fits package afterward. I hate it. It makes me feel so helpless and sad to see myself that last night, i met up with a gf to go out and we've always done little inconsiderate things to each other (showing up late etc). This time I got fed up and snap. I mean I SNAPPED, i started calling her a dumb ***** in public and threw my shoes at her. She walked away and at one point I was running after her with slippers on and I tripped and got bruises everywhere. If I had gotten close enough to her at that moment I would have teared her head off. There's several other samples of things, but I can't remember's not always as violent as last night's episode but it gets bad. It's so embarrassing and even writing about it makes me want to cry. I know I don't have bipolar, never had, till I started with this a new med. The whole thing just makes me feel crazy...
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