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Highly Sensitive Person - Setting up a Business

I'm a highly sensitive person something I've known for a few years, but did realise how much it impacts my live because I've learnt to 'adapt' to the world around me, like we all have. Now, I've been trying to set up my own business for about six months now and seen all my efforts go wrong, had challenges and obstacles - nothing has gone as it should. This got me thinking the other evening, I wanted to know "why"? A thought occurred to me to look again at the traits of an highly sensitive person and saw myself there! This was my eureka moment. No wonder nothing was going right, I've been trying to acheieving things in the same way the world/media dicates it should be done, only it has never worked for me. Even growing up, going to school, work, you name it there has always been some challenge to face or overcome.

Going into business, setting it up, etc., is giving me the same results as everybody else, because as an HSP, I don't operate in the same way, I process things differently, get overwhelemed and exhausted the more I have to deal with. This is also making me anxious, nervous and stressful. I don't know how to go about creating my business without affecting my health or doing it the HSP way. Anyone got any ideas on how I can do this?

I don't have anyone or a supportive people around me who understand. Making things even harder.
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My plan is to one day have an online business.
I worked at a shop for a summer, I was the at the bottom doing really easy parts, And a lot of cleaning. I would get so stressed over nothing, I would feel so stupid and just could not stand asking questions, everyday it was like this. At the end of the day I would get in my car, drive off and when I would settle down I would get extremely depressed. I would pass the "spot" everyday on my way home and I always think how easy it would be to just drift over and not have to deal with anything anymore.

With the trade I have I just have to find my nich and start making money. I know now that it dose not matter If I'm making "the big bucks" like the other guys are after, Money will not change how I feel. It will only put more pressure on my mind.

But yeah... online, If your business can be.
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Read about HSP, turns out I could be considered one, who knew. I never let that stop me, I'm self employed because I don't like the stresses of someone else's expectations on me, and that I can chose the work I do. I do mostly garden work, weeded, making, redoing, planting, trimming, no lawn mowing because of bad shoulder I can't handle the feeling. I also do odd work with small livestock, locals call me when an animal is sick if they can't have a real vet out because of expense or know I can deal with it just as well.

I pick the work I do on where and when I do it. Not minding working early mornings let me be alone, rarely if ever do I have anyone around when I go and weed for a a couple hours. Noise is minimal, work comes in from word of mouth as quick as I can do it. I know in Canada the way I run I don't need to worry about special taxes, or anything like licenses, because I run under my name, make under $30000 a year, and sole proprietor. For tax I just claim it as personal income, keeps things easy when I write and keep receipts.

Good luck with the business, it doesn't hurt to try different kinds and ideas, I've found I am good at marketing, but terrible at the product side, that is why I don't sell anything but a service.
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Hi and welcome to the forum! Although alot of people here don't identify themselves as HSP, it seems like many of us are.

I am kind of self-employed, and finding my comfort zone (in terms of the business, customer expectations, my definition of success, etc) took a long time; alot of trial & error & frustration. Eventually, you'll settle into your groove - but it will be an HSP groove, not a type-A personality groove.

If you can afford it, hire people part-time to do the work you are still uncomfortable with. If something specific is vexing you, then consider hiring someone to set-up whatever process overwhelms you; you can learn from them and eventually take it over. If your vexation is more general, then a life coach or small business consultant might be able to give some pointers.

Good luck!!!!
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Highly Sensitive Person - Setting up a Business

Thank you for your sound advice and insights. Really appreciate your comments. There has been a lot in the process side of things that has overwhelmed me so definitely handing over to someone who can handle that side of things would be a great help. As is doing business as a HSP, this make sense but have to confess, is something I've overlooked in my haste to get things moving. I'm still learning about myself as a HSP.

Thank you once again.
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