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well, the propranolol solved this problem, yay!
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Im 15 years old and i shake a lot. Sometimes its random when i shake, but other times its when im really mad or sad. My legs and hands are the things that shake the most. My head twitches when im nervous or scared. I am a little shy but its not bad. I can be pretty outgoing. I try to tell my mom that i think something is wrong with me but she shuts me out everytime i tell her about something. I am scared to tell her about this because i dont want to be shut out anymore. i dont know what to do.
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I get the head shakes and eyes twitch left to right really fast ..When my Anxiety is in overload before a panic attack.
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iStyll Have This Head Shakin' Anxiety, N Instead Of Revertin' To Medication, iDecided To Take The Righteous/Spiritual Route. Praying Daily, Readin' The Bible Daily, Learning To Cast My Anxieties On My Lord So That iMay Get Some Rest N Relief From This Feeling. Although The Feeling Hasn't Ultimately Vanished, I've Become More Aware Of Life, N Realized That I'm Not Livin' For Myself, But Instead, For Christ. iLook Back At How Christ Was Ridiculed, Mocked, Made Fun Of, Tortured, Suffered &| Realized That He Went Through Way More Things Than iDid. So Instead Of Tryin' To Fix This, I'm Tryin' To Focus More On Accomplishin' My Purpose Here On Earth, Cuz Let's Face It, We're Livin' Temporarily. If There's One Thing iCan Suggest To Yu All, Is To Seek Christ, Learn About Him N How To Have Him Involved In Yur Life. May God Bless Yu All N iHope Yu All See The Light.

"iDevelop Lines Without Smokin' Weed
Hadda Quit Wen Tht Shyt Was Controllin' Me
iGotta Thank God For The Way He Was Lookin' Over Me
iRealized Tht The "Circle Of Life" Leads To God .. Rosary
N I'ma Tell Yu Wat This Guy Once Told To Me
'If Life Ain't Hard - Tht Ain't The Way It's Supposed To Be'
So iCan't Be Humble - Lifes A Jungle - So I'm Dominant
N Yea iStruggle Now .. Buh My Future Looks Promisin'" A'Lo
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Well known and little talked about effect of smoking street grade weed. Ask anyone in a crack house about shaking caused by pot.

It is caused by long term over use. It will slowly go away in most cases when you cease smoking.

It may be caused by the growing/drying methods dealers use to increase profit. Too many vitamin/mineral added to soil and improper drying and fertilizer flushing. Although im not sure about that it is just my opinion.

Using it while sitting alone in a non-threatening environment will cause overall anxiety increase.
Getting high and then going into anxiety provoking situations will cause overall anxiety decrease.

This is because your brain is no longer hearing back from that part of your body and thinks it is dead. I have forgot the obscure term used for this and I don't care to google for an hour or two but it IS documented on the internet im not making crap up.

These are desired effects of smoking large amounts marijuana. If you have underlying mental disorders depression, anxiety, etc this effect will cause you to have a panic attack and make you think you are going to die.

Everytime i shouted a newbie smoker I would make them smoke 5 in a row. They would either FREAK THE HELL OUT or they would simply get really high. It was very funny either way and well worth shouting them.

Worst freak out I have seen: He smoked it with a big smile... enjoyed it at first... Started asking if it was laced or something... THEN He suddenly stopped moving and stared straight ahead... Drool and what I assume was stomach acid started dripping out his mouth in a constant stream... we got him a bucket and positioned it. He did not move for at least 5 hours.

Headache weed. That is all.

It's not THC crystals, It's NOT "FIRE WEED", It's not "A BIT DIFFERENT", It's not "WHITE WIDDOW", It's Not "BLACK WIDDOW"

look carefully at it because it's freaking mould and u need to smash ur dealer because he is trying to give you a lung infection/kill you.

Hey I love weed. But dealing with cops especially when you have issues will only make them worse for you and your loved ones. Stop now before you have to go to court I have been there and it isn't good. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT DONT LIE TO YOURSELF
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I get this mostly when I'm in the presence of a girl I find really attractive/cute. Although I do smoke a lot of weed, I had this many years before I even knew what weed was. I don't always get it but it sure is annoying when I do get it 'cause I feel like a right ****!

Don't judge me because I'm a quiet person.
Nobody plans a murder out loud
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I have been having this problem for years since high school. During my high school, my english was terribly bad. It all started when I had to speak english in front of class for the first time. My whole body was shaking, my peers was laughing at me. Ever since then, I have this phobia to speak english especially public speaking. Just this evening, I had the most embarrassing moment of my life when I did my presentation in front of lecturers and other students. It was quite a hardship. But then after I had some thought, why do I need to care what other people think about me? As long as I know what is my life goals ( which one of them is to get my mum retired as soon as I can) and live my life without screwing around, I don't really have to care what people think about me!

Cheer up guys! Life is miserable if you keep worrying this and that.
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Hi All

Thought i was alone in this, my luck i came across this forum.
My Problem: My head shakes when im in front of people, in a meeting,
at a salon, family dinners, interacting with new people. Its really
messed up and ruining my life. I feel like i cannot breathe sometimes.
Yesterday i went for a hair cut, before the hairdresser began cutting my hair,my head was shaking i felt so embarassed i just walked out.
This is happening to me for a while now and i really need this to stop.
Btw I have not smoked weed in my life.

What are the cures?
What medication will help?
Is there any over the counter medication for this?
I heard beta-blockers helps, is it true?

Please share your knowledge on this and let overcome this problem.

Your input will make a great difference.

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Originally Posted by ryangraves123 View Post
I have had anxiety for about 4 years now. It all sort of started when I used to smoke pot, and I gradually started concentrating more and more on how I appeared to people, in turn sort of losing my identity as a result. Since then my anxiety has been based around "head shaking". If someone looks me in the eyes or if any focus is on me (like in a conversation, interview, haircut etc) I automatically get really nervous and my head will shake side to side, and since then all of my energy has gone into preventing it from happening in social situations, it's become a paranoia. Over time it has created a lot of tension in my neck and head...to the point I can't even smile or laugh naturally anymore and haven't been able to because I'm too because if I do my head will shake and I'll look like a fool. Now people wonder why I look so dull faced all the time, never smile or laugh. I haven't been able to explain this to anyone because they would just think I'm nuts, and in all actuality I'm fairly intelligent and artistic. This condition has prevented me from going to school, keeping a job, keeping friends, making friends and so much more. I really just want to meet someone who understands. I used to be very outgoing and had always had a steady girlfriend and now I can't even be comfortable around people at all. I know I'm a decent looking guy and I'm talented in many ways but I cannot seem to heal this....it's sooooo hard to explain.
I known exactly hown you feel. I have been living like this for seven years. In thought i was the only one and never really talked about it to anyone before because I was ashamed. In was so amazed when I read your article because this is how I fill all the time. When people look at me I begin to shake When I think about it I begin to shake. I isolate my self from people all the time because I am embarassed that they will laugh and talk about me. I live in fear all the time and I don't know why. Sometimes I just stay at home and cry cause I don't know why this is happening to me. This didn't start until i was secventeen and like you said it started when I started smoking weed, so i stopped. Then I noticed that it start happening all the time. The only how i know how to stop it is by drinking alchol and i no that is not good but it is really driving me crazy! I don't know what to do. I am afraid all the time and the only how I am able to be around people is when I am drinking. I am so happy that its not just me but I need some help on how to control this. If you have any ideas can you please share them with me. I even though about going to see a doctor or maybe even a psychiatrist but has always been afraid. I used to be outgoing always ready to speak in front of the class and loved to be the center of attention. Now I don't know whats happening to me. I really need your advice.
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I have had these head shaking issues throughout high school walking into a full room was the worst feeling. I don't think it started when I started smoking weed though I had lip,leg and neck twitches before what happens is weed isolates your neck and head which made it a very hard to not obsess about.

I use to smoke a half 1/8th a day plus hash I quit yesterday I don't feel the greatest less anxious and half my body doesn't feel dead anymore
It just makes me wonder if I had never smoked how anxious would I be ?
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some tips

I developed this a couple years ago. It all started whilst I was down the pub with my mates. My head started shaking when I was taking a sip out of a drink and In the end I had to pretend I wasn't feeling very well and gave my drink to someone else.

two years on and I still have it, which is why I am relieved to have found this forum. Obviously having not overcome this I can't offer any long term solutions asides from positive thinking, but If I can offer some tips that help in the short term asides from alcohol and drugs it would be...

- If anyone has difficulty drinking in front of someone try this...As you lift the drink to your mouth imagine the drink and your head are moving really far from side to side, this tends to help me cos trying to keep still makes you realise how shaky you are, so when you imagine yourself shaking loads you realise that you are actually doing ok....I hope that makes some sense! Try it anyway

- Also I tend to panic more the closer it gets to my mouth so if you imagine when when you lift the drink, the fork or whatever it is, that your head is a few feet higher and further back than it actually is. This means that when it reaches your mouth you are pleasantly surprised that you've already achieved what you wanted to before you even knew it.

-lastly as you lift, breath in through your nose at the same time and you shake considerably less

This may sound crazy and it may illustrate the kind of over-thinking that got me into all this. But trust me these are good starting points. Hope it helps.
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I want you to know how happy I was to read this post and then go down and see your a Christian and command the anxiety to go away, I feel the same! I have been saved a little over a year and it has def been much better since I gave my life to Jesus, but I just joined the choir at church and sometimes my head trys to shake while singing, I hate it! I pray before I go but sometimes I still feel so nervous or the anxiety starts. I have no insurance right now so no meds I guess even when I toke something called "celxia" it did not help that. But anyway I guess I just have to keep my eye's focused on Jesus and trust Him untill it gets better. God Bless
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I always considered it to be more of a bobbing a weaving of the head, especially during a conversation lol. I suck at eye contact and my head moves around to avoid them looking directly at me. I do it, but I try to control it so it doesn't look like I'm agreeing or disagreeing during the wrong moment. I imagine you notice it way more than others, I've never had a person say anything about it, but I've been told MANY times that I'm ultra expressive in conversation and use an abundance of hand gestures. I've also been in conversations where my body language doesn't match the topic, I just can't help it. People will say something and I'll be like.. Oh, hmm.. I didn't notice... And then I'll try to continue the convo and avoid reopening the topic of my head shakes and nervous hand gesturing.

Anyone have a problem of smiling at inappropriate situations? UGH!!! I HATE IT!!! My Gma was diagnosed with skin cancer, I nervously smiled!!! I got cheated on, I grinned.. I had jury duty where a little girl was brutally raped, and another trial where a girl was MURDERED and my first reaction was to smile at the lawyer. What is up with my face?!! Why don't my expressions match my feelings?
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I have this exact same problem!! and im so relieved to hear that there are other people out there in my situation because whenever i explained it to someone they seemed really confused.

Today for example i was sitting at a collection box and two girls came to the table and put money in the box...and as i looked up to thank them my head started shaking side to side and i shouted out "thank you" to try and distract from the head jerking lol they smirked and stared at me as they walked away and i was embarassed but i thought maybe it's better to be embarassed than to constantly have to play with my hair (i do this to distract myself from nerves and hold my head in place)

i was on cipramil tablets until recently which seemed to help with the sociel anxiety but the head shaking still occurs....im not as affected by it though since im not as socially anxious after the tablets. Hopefully someone will invent a quick fix for this soon beause its really battered my confidence :S
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Wink Some Advice

Ok guys, first of all I want to thank everyone for posting their stories and experiences. Im so happy that iv found this forum. Iv had the head shacking thing for about 5 years now. And I always thought I was the only one with this kinda thing. For a while I thought I lost my mind, but then again, crazy people dont question their sanity.
When it first started it wasent bad at all, maybe a few shakes a month. But when I started to think that there is something wrong with me, and how embarrassing it would be when people actually saw me, it became worse and worse. I was up to the point where I was avoiding social activities, dinners, and in general stopped enjoying life.. Pretty much what everyone said above.. So one day I got pissed off at it, and I started doing my own research and experiments on what triggers the effect and vise versa.

I noticed that the head shacking thing happens when you think about it, and when you are afraid that people will notice it ( like in conversations, meeting, classes, or being in contact with someone for a long time, specially when attention is on you ). It also happens when you are highly stressed out or have a panic attack which just creates a loop hole. However, When I drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes it went away completely . So I came up with my own explanation / solution.
The head shacking thing is a form of social anxiety / high amount of stress that triggers tension ( neck sometimes shoulders ) and head shaking since its all part of one neurological system. So my solution to this problem is to tell your self that there is nothing wrong with you because there isnt. Many people have this problem, and no one is perfect. Confidence and I dont care what people think attitude is the key to the whole thing. Think about it, the only reason why it happens is because you care and think what people will think of you. The more you think about it the worse it gets. One day I did an experiment, I went to a big party full of people, and I told myself that I dont care if people see it, actually I wanted for it to happen because I didnt care what people though of me, so I went and the entire night, I was eating infront of people, talking and not a single twitch.
So thats the solution to this wired problem, confidence,relaxation . anything to lower your stress level, exercising, no caffeine or alcohol, dont think about it and distract your self with something else. It might take some time, but it does get alot better with time.

Actually, I encourage all of you with this problem to try it out for your self. Pick a situation where you know that your head might twitch. With people that you dont know and will never see again. And go into that situation with " I dont care attitude " dont even think about other people, because we are all strong, and our lives will not be effected by other peoples opinions. And see what happens
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I was gonna try letting it happen today because i was at a party.....but i didnt want my friends to think i was wierd....i think im gonna try letting it happen around people I don't know....i really feel like its the only solution! Thanks so much for the advice..

I suppose were all afraid of the head shaking.....so like any fear we have to face it in order to overcome it

Good luck to everyone! x
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I suffer this problem too. Sometimes my head will 'vibrate' from side to side in about the space of a second and sometimes the effect is simply a 'curling up' or quivering of the mouth. It clearly does not happen when alone and is triggered by being in the proximity of other people. However, I feel very at ease being around other people say in a shopping centre or library- probably because I'm not expected to actually interact in these venues. I am a professional person and surprisingly appear confident to many of my colleagues. I find the social part of my job increasingly more difficult and I withdraw from briefings, meetings etc. Sitting at a table opposite someone, e.g. in a meeting, will certainly trigger a head jolt if eye contact is made. I usually sit with my hand supporting my head and chin hoping this will minimise the problem. It sometimes feels like I'm sensing a zap of energy pouring out of the other person's eyes and penetrating my soul. I have taken Citalopram in conjunction with Propranolol and my Doctor has now decided to replace the Citalopram with Buspirone. They absolutely refuse what I know I need- Diazepam. I cannot take a drink of coffee or tea in a work related social forum either without my head tremoring. Sometimes the tension builds in the body to the extent that my muscles feel spastic or frozen and my head gets stuck in one position. Trying to smoothly turn my head around to a new position will certainly result in a jerking movement of the head. I used to self medicate with alcoholic spirits ( usually taking around 200ml per day ) and clearly this was a panacea- the sedative effect of alcohol does calm the central nervous system. Perhaps people who are more spiritual or sensitive to other people's vibrations and energy fields suffer from this affliction ? Perhaps it is related to a disturbance of the electro-magnetic energy field which surrounds our bodies. I am definetely more shakey in the presence of some people than others. Have you ever had a 'head zap' when in the presence of your pet animal ? I thought not. Anyone who can provide a tried and tested solution to this problem, other than alcohol, please let me know.
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I laughed with relief when I found this thread, oh man...

This started for me in college, I was finally conquering my anxiety/panic attacks from high school (pot smoking induced, i believe) and I was at a party and I had a cup full of beer. It's worse with cups, not cans. It was full and as I leaned my head down to sip, my head started shaking BADLY. I immediately put the cup back down. I've somehow learned to manage it, I kind of tense up in this weird way and look at the ceiling as I drink, but it still happens.

Then I won an award at work and the photographer came RIGHT into my face to take a picture of me holding the award, and my head started shaking like CRAZY and I had to look away, even though it was not an appropriate time. I was so embarrassed. Somebody had to have noticed how much of a freak I was acting like.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not alone. The internet has done wonders for my anxiety by reading about others' experiences and relating them to my own.

Be strong! I found that working out and making myself feel physically stronger allows me to stand taller and be more confident, resulting in less anxiety. But it's still an uphill battle.
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I also suffer from severe head shaking/tremors, like many others, that started in my teens when I started smoking pot which I quit because of the anxiety attacks it caused.
It is very noticable and I've had people tease me about it, which I consider very rude. It is so bad that I now cut my own hair (at least it saves me a little money) and lost all of my upper molars since I couldn't go to the dentist when I needed to. I have also not had a driver's license since my 20's, mostly because I cannot stand in line at the DMV and also am embarrased to have my photo taken because of my head shakes.
When I have to do go out in public to shop or socialize, I need to have a couple of glasses of wine or some xanax (prescribed by my family doctor) to make it bearable. As a result, I often drink more than I should, which only makes the tremors worse afterwards.
At least I have a steady job and a house to live in. Just wish I could be as happy and had as many friends as I did in my pre-teen years.
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I used to have this problem but I got away from it recently. I had this problem for 7 years. I exactly know how you feel my friend. It all started when I was high on weed one day. Things that helped me are that I stopped consuming alcohol, played a sport that brought my self esteem up. I spoke to a friend of mine about this and that helped a lot. I did not take any medications. Be strong, try to get your self esteem up, work out hard.I know its a uphill task but if I can overcome it so do you can too. Best Wishes.
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