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Emotional disorder?

Or just lack of control with your own emotions, is that a disorder?.

Theres been times where i'l be making a sandwich and then out of no where i feel like I'm about to burst in to tears but i'l just say thats because of depression.

But I just can't control my emotions, like i was sitting down telling someone about me running in to an old friend ( my friend gave me a hug, told me i looked well and even told me i was his best friend ) its something i should have been smiling about but before i could tell even half of what happened i just started crying and my throat blocked up and i couldn't even talk.

The thing is, i was sitting there asking my self "why are you crying?, stop" but i couldn't, I just had no control.

And its not just crying, i've found my self smiling and laughing at some pretty disgusting things and not really knowing why i found it funny...

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Thanks R91, i'll respond tomorrow after i get some sleep.
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Originally Posted by R91 View Post
The first thing that came to mind was depression, but then I read that you were having trouble with other emotions too. That made me think of bipolar disorder.
Could definitely be symptoms of depression. Random spells of crying or unhappiness happens in depression. Speaking as someone who is diagnosed Bipolar though, I didn't read Bipolar into his text at all. Randomly being happy & joking is not a symptom of Bipolar. Being manic is a whole lot more serious than smiling and joking. If he experienced mania he would have a lot more complaints and descriptions in his post.

I'd say hit up a psychiatrist to get assessed for depression if this is a bit problem.

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Right, sorry for taking so long to reply.

Anyway, nah i dont think i have any of those disorders, its probably just "reaction formation" because i am the sort of person that smiles a lot to hide my real feelings.

I use to have good control of my emotions, i was the sort of person that never cried or felt like crying, i could turn my emotions on and off pretty easy. Its only since around the time of joining this site that i've felt like i've lost control. I told my therapist about it and she started telling me about how my bucket is probably full, my old way of coping with things isn't working ect. . . so i dunno.

And one last question: when you find yourself laughing or smiling at things that you don't find appropriate, do you realise in that moment that it's not funny? Or does that happen later? Does anything else happen in your mind when you are laughing?
I always realize at the moment, like my thoughts and then outward emotions wouldn't be the same, that make sense?. I'd be thinking "jesus thats terrible" but at the same time holding my self back from a fit of laughter. It doesn't happen all the time but still...

I asked my therapist if i had been diagnosed yet but she wouldn't give me a proper answer, said something about not wanting to put a label on it, she did give me her opinion tho, and that was that i was just depressed and anxious, maybe SA but not Avpd as i told her i thought i had when we first met.

I'm pretty sure i do/did have avpd though.
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