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Cold hands/light purple fingernails and fatigue?

Iíve had SA and GED for over 10 years now and lately developed cold intolerance, low blood pressure and on occasion light purple fingernails. I had all the blood tests for hormones, EKGís, 24 hour halter and echocardiogram, noting showed up. Reynaudís comes to mind but my hands donít turn blue, so only other explanation I can came up with is anxiety affecting my nervous system in some weird way. Does anyone here experience similar symptoms and figured out whatís going on?
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Re: Cold hands/light purple fingernails and fatigue?

I've had this most of my life. When I'm cold my fingertips and fingernails turn purple and will start to go numb (and they turn ice-cold to the touch). I've been told that it's probably a minor circulation issue and tests to check what it is would cost a lot. So I just wear gloves more often than most.

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Re: Cold hands/light purple fingernails and fatigue?

From what I know bluish fingernails indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood, due to blood poisoning, heart- or lung problems, iron deficiency.

But stress also strongly influences the sympathetic nervous system of our bodies. It leads to the constriction of the tiny periphal blood vessels, causing cold/blue hands and feet, headaches, dizzyness etc. when in stressful situations.
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Re: Cold hands/light purple fingernails and fatigue?

The cold hands and purple fingernails sounds like raynaud's syndrome to me. I have it too. Winter sucks because of it.

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Re: Cold hands/light purple fingernails and fatigue?

Yep, I am experiencing that right now. Also, when this happens I get gastrointestinal disturbances also. Does this happen to you too?
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