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Thumbs down Zoloft, Marijuana, Alcohol.

I've been prescribed Zoloft 50mg. I just took my first one about 2 hours ago after much debate with myself. I've been nauseous ever since. (And now I'm developing quite the headache.) Hopefully I don't experience this level of nausea for 2 weeks.

My Doctor told me that Alcohol wouldn't be the end of the world while on Zoloft. She said it would just "cancel out" the effects of it for that day, and if I wanted to I could just skip a dose.

My main problem with starting on medication was that my main outlet for socializing is parties. I tend to drink a lot. It's the only time I can be "me". I hope I can continue to do this, which I usually do once per week.

I've also looked into Marijuana and SSRIs. It seems that Marijuana increases your THC absorption 400%?... that doesn't scream "BAD" to me. lol. But on a serious note I haven't seen anything that indicates it would be particularly bad to smoke a little while on Zoloft.

So basically.... opinions?
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I smoked weed and consumed a bit of alcohol on Zoloft and there were no interactions. My friend has been on 2 SSRIs and used to drink all the time on them with no consequences. I also have a family member on an SSRI who is a full-blown alcoholic, no interactions there either.
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I always have a bad mood after heavy drinking. And when I'm on SSRIs it is much better
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I took Zoloft in middle school. That alone made my temperament worse. I'm not sure on about how it reacts with everything else. Ask a pharmacologist. :P

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I have done this combo many times. The only problem is that large amounts of alcohol can wash out the SSRI and the next morning you will have a hangover and SSRI withdrawal.

Alcohol increases the clearance of most all SSRI's I believe. Weed doesnt have any reaction with any of the other drugs.
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Marijuana with any ssri make them less effective for many. It has been reported to help with initial side effects of nausea,insomnia and restlessness though
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woww what a combo

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