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Xanax make you high as a kite?

I had a mental breakdown today. For the past week I've had high intensity anxiety and today I suffered a complete attack. I've dropped 18 lbs in about as many days. Anyways the dr gave me Xanax. It's a wonderful drug. I felt anxiety free and was able to talk to anybody without concern or worry. I felt damn good. But the people I spoke to said I sounded high as a kite. I'd like to be able to take it before work on Sunday so I can be as confident and direct then, but don't want to obviously if I'm going to be sounding like I'm high. Does that part of the drug go away? Was it just the first time as my body wasn't used to it? It's only .25 mg. Just a quarter of a milligram!! Maybe because I didn't take it with food?
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high as a kite or happy as a kite? xP
I've found it can make me feel pretty good (and kinda sleepy but not so much these days) but I also consider it to just be me coming out of my shell a little bit more....perhaps? Maybe the real me is loopy?
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Yes, benzos make me completely high.
I once took some before a party, damn, that was nice.

I do not recommend doing that lol, they have bad side effects on the long term, but yes, they can be useful, they also lose their effect if you use too much, keep it for emergencies.
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I hate xanax
Makes me feel depressed

Crunchy niplz
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Benzo's also can and often make you euphoric, thats why they get abused so much, especially Xanax.
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.25mg xanax knocks me out, i know thats a very low dose...your tolerance will build soon be careful
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Taking it with food should definitely should help a little. Are you able to think and function properly when you take it? Did you drive?

Xanax is awesome for the anxiety. Perhaps people were just seeing another side of you that they never saw before...

And like the others have said, be careful with it. Tolerance, dependence, and addiction are real concerns.
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But why did they say that? Were you very happy and talkative or did you slur your speech and fumble around? I only take it as needed, but other than building tolerance to it, I don't think that side of it goes away. I dunno if taken it with food will lessen it but taking it when you are tired, like when you haven't slept will make things worse. Wish it worked for me like it worked for you--minus the kite part.
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