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Paxil or zoloft opinions

Hey guys new here and i'm goin to the doc this week.I wanted to get back on zoloft since i felt like it helped me a bit first time around but i've also been reading some good reviews on paxil(some bad ones too though).My question is to people who might have used either or both,how did it work for u? side effects? and which would u prefer.
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I would prefer Zoloft. In a big study (with depressive patients) it was more effective and better tolerated than Paxil: This doesn't mean the same must be true for social anxiety disorder, but I think chances for side effects like weight gain and sedation are higher with Paxil.
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You may want to go with Zoloft. Such medications affect everyone a bit differently, and if I had to say anything based on personal experience, I'd technically say take neither (it really depends on age--I tried to commit suicide on Paxil, but I was also 12 when I took it, before the age problems were realized. Zoloft made me gain a lot of weight, but that's a common side effect anyway)...but if you are choosing between the two, Zoloft may be your better bet. Paxil can just be dangerous; some people like it, but in many cases, it only worsens the situation.

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In my experience, the sexual side effects with Paxil were much more severe than with Zoloft.
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I'm on Paxil and I have no sexual side affects or any other side affects for that matter. Just goes to show how people react differently and not everyone has bad things happen from it (Most of the **** online is negative reviews).
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I've proven both to be useless garbage for me. As for you, since reactions of individuals vary so greatly the only way you can truly answer this question is trying Paxil and seeing how it compares to Zoloft for you.

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I am on Paxil 40 mg and it has worked very well. So well in fact that I need some of my anxiety back because I have become outrageous. I am actually going to reduce my dose to 1.5 pills a day instead of 2 pills. SA is a secondary discorder for me as I also have bi polar and that could be why I am outrageous now.

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I tried paxil for a few months and it had no positive affects whatsoever. It never felt like it did anything. If it wasn't for the 50 pounds I gained while I was on it, I wouldn't have noticed anything. As soon as I came off the paxil, I started to drop of the extra weight

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