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Talking Lexapro, switching to Zoloft....??

Lexapro, switching to Zoloft....??

Up to 20MG Lexapro daily.
5 weeks so far....NO effect on my Social Anxiety!!
I read up on Zoloft and that looks like THE MED for Social Anxiety
Can I ask my Doctor to switch me over?
Do I need to taper?
Also, any comments on zoloft and SA are welcome !

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Re: Lexapro, switching to Zoloft....??

Been on Zoloft 150 mg. for 3 years. It has helped alot with the social anxiety. It keeps me alot more calm in general, I haven't had a panic attack in a long time, and I haven't had any significant side effects. All in all it has been a great decision for me. Everyone is different of course. Good luck!!!

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Re: Lexapro, switching to Zoloft....??

Yeah everyone is different. I had horrible side effects with Zoloft including grinding teeth at night and urinary retention, but it did help my anxiety while I was on it. Given the circumstances though I had to get on something else.
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Re: Lexapro, switching to Zoloft....??

since they are both prozac type you ussually swap straight over
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Re: Lexapro, switching to Zoloft....??

I was on Lexapro (20mg) and it had no effect on my anxiety and made me more depressed. My doc then put me on Zoloft up until the 200mg dose.

Allthough none of the SSRI's that I tried (Paxil, Lexapro, Zoloft) were worth a ****, I would recommend Zoloft as a first line treatment because of its combined effects on Serotonin and Dopamine.

This is because it had minimal side effects of all the SSRI's that I tried and it really helped me with irritable bowel syndrome. It basically made my crap softer and easier to expel. I get IBS when im under a lot of stress and anxiety so I pretty much have it all the time.

Careful with withdrawling from Zoloft. It was not a pleasant experience. I had "brain zaps", a feeling of weirdness, and an odd brain/eye twitch thats hard to describe. I went down by 50mg every two weeks and these effects lasted 3 months after I took my last pill.

These are pretty much typical of withdrawal from Zoloft. The only major side effect when I was on it was the no boner syndrome and I suppose you could get diarrhea if you dont have IBS.
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