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Klonopin and asthma

I want to ask my doctor for Klonopin when I next see her, however I do have asthma and one website said you should not take it if you have this. My asthma is not bad at all, it is usually only triggered by cold weather. But even with that it hasn't been much of a problem, I only have taken my inhaler once or twice this winter. So my question is do you think she will not prescribe it to me solely because of this? Do any one you have mild asthma, but are still able to take it?
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I have mild asthma and I take klonopin

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re: Klonopin and asthma

Same here and I went for a run. Did feel a bit out of it afterwards though; so, who knows.

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wow..i went to get it and the doc told me it wasn't safe for me. crap...i think these drugs could really help me.
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klonopin has no noticeable affect on my asthma.
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re: Klonopin and asthma

This is a new one & I've been reading anxiety/panic forums online since 2000. I've never heard of anyone ever complain about any benzo causing problems with asthma.

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