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Default How to get prescribed Adderall?

I took adderall a couple of times under the table and it helped me with many of my social and work related issues.

How can I get tested and what is the procedure that I should follow to get this testing done and get a prescription? (I live in Ontario, Canada btw)
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Adderall and Dexedrine are NOT good for SA. Sure, they will make you feel good and increased your self confidence, but nobody will want to be around you and although things may seem good, everyone is laughing and talking talking behind your back. You will seem ungrounded and obnoxious! I know from personal experience because I took these drugs and am now of the all stimulants and told by other how much better I am and how awful I looked and acted on them.
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Just go to web md find common symptoms, and recite them to your doctor in a personalized way connecting them to your struggle in daily life. Just don't say outright you think you have adhd.
Meds: Celexa 20mg, Adderall 20 mg, Ativan .5mg, Proprananol 10mg
Diagnosis: Rapid cycling Bipolar , Social Anxiety, having no friends
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First, Adderall can be a miracle drug for SA. Everyone has different experiences and brain chemistries.

Some psychs are completely schooled on SA and its relation to dopamine deficiency and will have no problem prescribing you Adderall or Vyvanse just for this condition. However, some psychs don't understand these things and will only prescribe speed for severe ADD. Some refuse to prescribe speed at all but this is probably the minority.

The common checklist and symptoms are:

1. Do you have trouble starting a project
2. Do you have trouble completing a project
3. Are you often grumpy and irritable and have a kind of "whatever, I don't give a crap" attitude
4. Do you have trouble in school, ever dropped out of school, poor grades, can't concentrate in class, etc.
5. Are you socially withdrawn and have trouble making friends and have little desire to socialize

Stating these issues are huge problems with you, making it known you really need help and these things are roadblocks in your life that are keeping you from going anywhere, and also letting your Dr. know your blood pressure and general health are fine should get you Adderall prescribed from any decent psych.
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I fail to see how you tackled any issues under a table on adderal. That's actually incredible.
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