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Default Beta blockers

I know I ask too many questions. Can you take beta blocker only when you need one or is it an everyday thing? I take already three medications for my social anxiety I quess one more won't hurt. I am on prozac which helps my depression, elavil to help me sleep and buspar which isn't working. I want to stay on buspar only because it helps with no sex drive from prozac. How do I explain that to my doc.?

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You can take beta-blockers prn(as you need it) if your taking it for anxiety.

Buspar helps your sex drive??
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Originally Posted by Noca
You can take beta-blockers prn(as you need it) if your taking it for anxiety.
Beta blockers are blood pressure pills. If you have high blood pressure you'd take them every day as you have high blood pressure all the time. If you're taking them for anxiety, then you only need to take them when you're in an anxiety situation that would demand them, such as when giving a presentation. No point in taking a pill all the time if you only need it for certain situations. Beta blockers work fast, so you can take it perhaps an hour before you know you're going to be in a social situation.

Originally Posted by Noca
Buspar helps your sex drive??
That's the orginal reason my brother was put on Buspar -- to offset the sexual problems of Lexapro. He found it didn't help at that. He's been taking Buspar for a few years now and as far as I can tell takes it simply because it doesn't cause him any side effects and it's effectively free (as he'd reach his max out of pocket under his insurance even without Buspar). He thinks it "might be marginally effective" for anxiety, which isn't much of an endorsement.
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