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Embrace the introverts!!!
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I'm 22 and it's very obvious I have a receding hairline. Acne scars from where I've been peppered with zits since about 13 (& is only now starting to recede). Obvious shyness/quiet that drives some people away.
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Send Me An Angel
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Oh that's an easy one for me I'm bald, started receding at 17 then eventually I just started shaving it. Naturally that shrinks the pool of women I could potentially date down to women who are attracted to or not put off by it.

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Chin too big, strange jawline, cheekbones should be more prominent, Hair grows in a widows peak.
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User Requested Permanent Ban
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My depression/SAD.
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My chest that I wish to fix.
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1. I have no jawline... like.. it slopes hard core.. and I double chin if I even lower my head down a little... really its absurd and I HATE my profile.

2. I have goose nose aka jew nose... its kinda big and has a bump near the top reminiscent of a gooses beak.

3. I have teeth that are considerably bigger than they should be AND I have a big smile.. so when I smile its like a donkey up in your face... thank GOD I know how to calm my smile down for a photo so I look semi normal.

4. I have that girl.. pouch.. like.. alls well except this strap of fat hanging out just below my belly button.. its the bane of my existence.. damn you fat strap... damn you....

I swear... my body isn't that bad, in fact its pretty nice.. but my head just doesn't match..
oh oh- and the chronic bish face doesnt help lol

but all in all I guess its not so bad...
I really do like myself, even with my stupid facial flaws.

But the sweetest thing I've ever heard
Is that I don't have to have the answers,
Just a little light to call my own.

Though it pales in comparison
To the overarching shadows,
A speck of light can reignite the sun
And swallow darkness whole.
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People keep pointing my resemblance with a known comic actor which I find disgusting and not at all like myself...

And I hate my chin, half open eyes, pointy nose, rosacea, etc... Damn it mom why did you whent to the half discount shelf at the condom store?!
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My negative thoughts about myself.
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fat, curvy spine which makes my body slant leftward, one big eye one small eye, gigantic nose, acne problem, having spots on my thighs/arms/chest/back
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My mind plays with my perception.
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Power Trip
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Moles on my face.
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Pimples. My flaky skins. Smalls eyes.
Billions of whiteheads.
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Broad shoulders, skinny fat syndrome (big arms and legs flat bum and small a cup). I have to extreme diet if I want a good body because if I'm not emaciated looking, then my body just looks way out of proportion. Thin hair. No definition to my face. Horrible side profile. Not much of a jaw bone. Pointy nose. Hardly any eyelashes. Yes bad. My parents are homely as ****, why is it the ugly, low class, poor people who never get abortions?
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