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Was showering at school after PE a traumatic experience for anyone else?

I have horrible memories of being forced to take showers at school with all the other guys on freezing cold days after doing rugby in PE (which i sucked at anyway)......and they werent single cubicle showers either like im guessing they have these days in schools, they were those awful 'free for all' showers were your all showering in front of each other...mud everywhere, guys urinating on each other, flicking towels and hiding peoples clothes...and also i was ashamed of my body and felt ultra uncomfortable being forced to shower in public like that, so much so that i ended up skipping PE all the time.....just horrible, horrible experiences for me.

When are these stupid teachers going to realise that forcing kids to shower in front of each other is not a pleasant experience for all of us? It can do more damage than good, especially for the shy kids.

Anyone else experience this?
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group showers are gross. we didn't have individual showers at my school either, just a circular showering area kind of thing, so everyone had to gather round and shower out in the open. we only had to shower after swimming, and of course no one actually got naked and some of us even skipped showering, except for teh PE teacher who'd get naked every time. wasn't a pretty sight tbh. at 13 years old i wasn't interested in seeing anyone naked. i only had to deal with that once or twice, i had an intense fear of swimming so i skipped the rest of teh classes.

every time i go to public pools there are group showers too. was traumatised as a child when i was around 7. went to a pool with my summer camp and a group of us went into the shower area (wearing bathing suits), and a morbidly obese, completely naked woman was sitting on the floor blocking the whole area, sponge bathing herself (of course being a little kid the woman probably looked bigger than she actually was). we stood there in shock and one of the lifeguards had to come in and tell the large woman to move. further proof of why group showers are disgusting. not to mention the hygiene aspect. no idea who came up wiht such a stupid invention.
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I think I only ever showered like the situation you described once, when we went on a school trip to the local swimming pool.

I just left my trunks on though and showered, I remember how all the older men walked around naked without a care in the world, nauseating.

And I vividly remember getting my nipples twisted and getting flicked by towels, definitely wasn't a good experience.
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It wouldnt have been so bad if we were allowed to wear trunks to shower in, but we were forced to shower naked, and anybody that didnt would get shouted at by the pe teacher until they did. I remember this one kid was crying his eyes out while the nazi pe teacher was screaming at him "get those shorts off and get in those showers NOW!!!!" in front of everyone.

How difficult is it to put some dividers up in the showering area ffs? Not everyone wants to parade around nude in front of others.
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Yepp showers were awful.
Just that shameful naked walk through the shower line (we had like... a tunnel of showers. well, two walls, with showers on either side, you had to walk through them).
I would try and skive the showers as much as possible, but then I'd get called out in front of everything "You've been skipping showers! That's gross and disgusting!"

but apparantly now, showers aren't compulsary at that school and they have proper cubicles with curtains, lucky kids.

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When I was in school, nobody showered. There was this one big dude who showered one year, because he sweated so much. He was branded a weirdo.
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No one ever showered in high school, but we did go on a swimming trip in grade 3... The only person who got fully naked was a mentally challenged guy. Everyone else just showered in their trunks then changed in the bathroom stalls or inside a locker. lol

There was another time I went swimming with my cousin a few years ago and we entered the locker room with a naked guy already showering. Nervous laughs the entire time.
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Never had to shower in high school. It was completely optional (and only ever really suggested during the swimming unit), and only a few guys ever did.

The two seconds it took to peel off my wet swimsuit and jump into a pair of underwear was traumatic enough, though.
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Not many people showered. I usually didn't shower, but if I did I walked to the shower with a towel on, and then moved it out of the way of the water and kind of just got wet really fast.
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We didn't have to shower, but the kids made fun of my body in the changing room every time I took off my shirt. That was a nightmare.
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Originally Posted by Ape in space View Post
We didn't have to shower, but the kids made fun of my body in the changing room every time I took off my shirt. That was a nightmare.
Yeah high school kids were just cruel.
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We have the open shower but no one ever uses it. Except this one time I was done changing and I saw a student walk out with a towel. Me and my friend looked at each other like did that dude seriously just shower in the open, nude
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Never showered (though everyone else did) plus I would usually change in a bathroom stall.
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We had disgusting, rusty, curiously stained group showers at our school and in all the 8 years I was there I don't remember a single person ever using them, we just spent the rest of the day stinking because it seemed more hygenic and less humiliating, and safer, considering the type of people at my school who'd not only rob you blind if you left your stuff alone for 3 seconds, but would regularly try to, er, force intimacy, upon other guys in PE.

If one of the P.E. teachers tried to force anyoe into those places not only would they instantly be accused of being a paedophile by 30 odd kids but might also end up endangering their well-being, so fortunately I never had to go through any horrible group-showering experiences.
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We don't get forced, Thankfully.

I used the group shower's once, With the two other guys. All the immature little ****s somehow found it funny to run in and look. God dam, Idiots.
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We had no pool and I never played sports so I never had to deal with that. We had to get changed for gym and even that I hated, so on gym days I would go to school and wear shorts and short sleeves under my pants and my longsleeve shirt, so when it came time to change my clothes were already on, after I quickly took them off and put them in a bag then got my regular clothes back on.
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We never had to shower, but changing was a traumatic experience. Girls in middle school made fun of my body and my clothes. Sometimes they'd beat me up, too.

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We had group showers at my secondary school and yes I did find it quite traumatic actually. I was one of the skinniest in my year and a "late bloomer" if you know what I mean. It was very embarrassing being on show! When the P.E teacher wasn't around and I could get away with it, I just used to clean myself in the sink instead in the adjacent toilets.

Also one time, I was the first back from the cross-country run and was really muddy.
So I undressed, went in the showers and was shampooing my hair when I heard a scream and laughing then running off! Some of the girls thought it'd be funny to come in the boys section and look in and they saw me full frontal!:o What awful memories! Kind of funny though to me now.
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We actually weren't allowed to shower. We were all disgustingly sweating, but that was better than the other option.

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We weren't required to shower. I think some of the guys did, but the girls didn't have much of an option since they stored the extra balls in the girls' shower. I doubt I ever broke a sweat in gym class so it wasn't a problem.
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