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The front Passenger seat

I hate being with the person driving.. hate it i rather be at the back. ): who else?

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Im usually never in a situation when I'm in a car with more then two people (counting myself), but I'd rather be in the front. I have to be able to watch who is driving, and see the road. It's a habit but ultimately I only trust myself driving. Nothing against whoever I'm with, but I know what I'm thinking/doing. I don't know that with whoever else is driving. The few times I have been with three people (including myself), I have to have someone sitting next to me, front or back. If not I'll feel like I'm left out of the conversation that's taking place by the other two people. Don't know if I'm the only one that's like that, but It's a situation I've rarely been in.

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Stuff sucks man.
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I don't drive but it's almost impossible for me to sit in the front. I not only get butterflies, but just being on busy roads next to all of these cars is nerve-wracking. If I'm in the front, I have to watch the road, no matter how terrifying it is.
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working dem streets
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So many similarities

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Being in the front is awkward. It's too close for me and it's like, you're expected to not be a bore. I want to shrink and go away.

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I rather sit in the front, but then again, it's rare for there to be anyone else in the car with me. I'm usually the driver anyways.

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People will stare at you if you're in the front passenger seat. I just think it's weird when people stare at others inside the car especially during a red light. Wtf. That's why I got my windows tinted.
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Walking through windows
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Being up in the front seat does put more pressure on me to not be a bore, yeah. I prefer the back, but if it's a situation with three people, then I feel kind of left out.

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I used to always ride in the back of my mother's car, until my dad made fun of me for doing that; why, at my age (I was younger than I am now but still an adult), was I still riding in the back like a little kid? ;_; So I started riding in the front seat.

I now rather prefer it because it's just more comfortable for me (I can barely get a back-seat seatbelt on anymore, they're so damn cramped!--plus if the car is full, I'm wedged in there with at least two other people ), and it's kind of awkward to be in the back seat if I want to be talking to her. If somebody unfamiliar is driving, well...I might feel like I'd be more comfortable in the back seat, but then I'd feel like they might think I'm snubbing them, and I'd feel rude, so... :/

I guess I just sit wherever the other people in the car want me to sit. Even if I don't really want to sit there. One thing though, I REFUSE to sit in the middle of the back seat. I must have an escape route open!

Fortunately situations like this don't come up too often...I don't go out much. :/

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