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Question Teary eyes: Has anyone else experienced this?

It all started when I went to a club meeting after school and I was walking through the hallway, and I was near a door, so the cool air was blowing in my face which usually makes my eyes watery, but my eyes kept watering even when I got to the room for the meeting because I was having anxiety about them naturally watering in the first place. (woah.. talk about run on sentences there.)

So since then, whenever I get nervous and I think about getting watery eyes, they water. If I don't think about it, they don't water.. but it's hard not to think about it! Honestly I would be fine with my normal nervousness at this point- I'm just so stressed about this watery eyes thing, it's interfering with my daily life, and I just can't make it stop. :/ Does anyone else have/had this problem?
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My eyes don't water, but I can definitely relate to you with my blushing problem. The more I worry about it the more it happens. Yikes. :[

Hope you find the answers you're looking for.
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Well this is a first! There are two anxiety symptoms I have that I don't ever hear of in others and one of them is teary eyes. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety in 2001 and when I have to list the symptoms for a new doctor I always start with that because it's the only symptom I've had since the beginning. I distinctly remember walking towards science class and my friend jokingly asked, "Are you stoned?" My eyes were so bloodshot from anxiety! It went away for a year or so but I've been experiencing it again. It's true, thinking about it doesn't help, but mine are triggered whether I think about it or not. : / I wish I had advice for you, but all I can say is I know what's it's like. It's awfully embarrassing!
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I get the same too. I always tried to hide it so I didn't look like I was crying.
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Cry. But I can't.
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I don't get teary eyes but I I do get somewhat red eyes, but I wish I did get teary eyes because that way maybe I could cry. I have severe depression, so I am always on the verge of wanting to cry, but the tears just don't come out. I wish I could just let it out, but for some reason I can't cry. The last time I cried was around 2005 when I was in the hospital for depression. I cried in front of my whole family, and it felt so good to let the tears out. It was like a tonne of weight being lifted off my shoulders. I wish I could cry now.

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Happy New Year to all

I have experienced this and I know how you feel
I have had this problem since a very long time and it's quite embarrassing and annoying
It's not very frequent but happens sometimes when I am nervous or asked a question
Although I know the answer, and even if I didn't know it, had the situation arose, let's say, in a public speech, I know I can handle the situation and control my nervousness (I have somewhat learned to control my nervousness in public appearances, which were a real pain a few years ago). But when done so face to face unexpectadly, i just don't seem to be able to control it and my eyes start to water. More I notice my eyes watering the harder it becomes to stop it.

I wish I could get rid of it but have no idea how to
Somebody please help us.
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