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Default Teachers/Educators with SA

Anyone here who is a teacher with social anxiety or going to become a teacher? What are your experiences with teaching? Have you made any progress as you progressed in your career? I have wanted to become a teacher for a long time - I hope it works out. I know Dr. Richards, the guy who made the SA CBT tapes, was a teacher himself - so there is hope.

So far I have student taught 1 class by myself and observed/partner taught 3 other classes. I also have experience as a tutor which I really like. Those were stressful enough but maybe if I get into the flow of things, it will be less stressful. I don't know. I am worried about being a bad teacher, honestly don't want to be just some teacher who lectures - I want to make a positive impact on my students' life and want them to learn a lot. When I am in a stressful position like this, I can't relax and I know being funny/entertaining is important to my teaching style - which I can't seem to do in front of a class yet as I would one-on-one.
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I wish I was smart enough to become a teacher but I am not meeps. My sister became a history teacher though. Perhaps you could watch some comedians to see how they act since being funny is core to their style as well. I don't really have much to offer tbh. Consider my post a bump.
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I'm going to become a teacher. I still have two years of college left so it will be a while before I start student teaching but I've had some experience in the classroom. I've done some observations and also taught some lessons. It's hard because even though it's feels easier to talk in front of a class full of kids instead of people my own age, I still get nevrous and feel like I'm not opening up enough. But it's something I'm working on.
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